Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Once again that lot that believe in a God so all seeing and all powerful that he had to send in demented, angry insecure men in to murder innocent people for him because he is busy... out to lunch and has his hands full?!


That is all they will ever get to pull off these stupid attacks. They think no one knows that they are just trying to get the locals in the area they were accepted into while they raped and pillaged to react to their low life animal like antics.

This is purely so they can can speak to their own people and say "look?! We told you they all hated us! Jihad!!”

Yeah right you bloody idiots.

If your God is so powerful and great hire cone he had not struck you down dead for being such utter failures for years?

Everyone is on this planet for a finite amount of time. Yes some are dishonest, corrupt and underhanded but that gives you no more right to do what you do than it does me!

I am willing to bet my list of reasons far outweighs yours?

Do I run around wanting to kill people? Threatening to kill people? Threatening violence? No.
Yes they take advantage of this and yes they think they have the God given right to lie, corrupt and have a right to a large portion of the money.

Their longevity will still be a finite length of time nonetheless.

I always think that my own life will not be long enough to worry about a whole shed load of things. You cannot decide what those you leave behind are going to do as they will go their own way.
It is also bloody hilarious how you hate anything associated with anything that is not radical like you?
Umm well what about you? At some point your ancestors would not have thought like you do and therefore you are from stock that was not radical and far enough back boot ever religious.
Does this mean you should all collectively their yourselves off a bridge?

Do you really think that because a small and powerful section of the western world behave like careless murderous lying twats that this gives you the right to do the same?

Only they kill on secret and do boot want anyone to know that they kill and do not give a crap about it. That works be the same people that you have decided your going to kill one by one but want everyone to know your doing it?!

Of your capable of intelligent thought then how is it you do not think your actions through?
Now it is Canada's turn to have terrorism issues and God only knows how this will play out.
You also only succeed, quite unfortunately and sadly I must say, in desensitising people to your actions.

All for a war your never going to start and that if you ever did manage it you would only get wiped out anyway based purely on numbers. You do not even have to bring the list of tools and weapons into the equation. You have barely minimal things but are so backwards that something slightly powerful in your hands and anyone would think you had a nuclear gun?! You don't manufacture any of these things that you love so much. Not the guns, computers or anything else is manufactured by you. So when you have murdered half this that are different where are you going to get your toys from?

Canada 'not intimidated' by attacks

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