Monday, 20 October 2014


At last, after dozens and dozens of things that the NHS,  GP and Doctors get wrong, albeit through incompetence and indeed quite deliberate, they finally get something right!

Though the mind boggles as to why this had taken 6 years into a recession/depression, in feel of not strictly technically accurate?

There is something else I am now willing to divulge about my own battles with the NHS and hrs various GP Surgeries and hospitals, not a single one having defeated me I might also add. There is a very long list of these... things! In many cases they apply to all and one example is the fact that... not it is gone, lol!

On this occasion, as the previous one disappeared from memory in the blink of an eye, is the fact that I have never, EVER gone to a Doctor (read GP) or hospital for anything trivial, or obviously trivial.
The only time in 45 years I attended a GP over flu like symptoms turned out to be Swine Flu. Not very nice. I say this even though I had some rotten strains of flu in the past, like that which got called 'Chinese Flu' at the time. That was around 1994-5, ish.

It is claimed this could save the NHS £1 Billion but I am afraid that the middle management simply have to go! All the PCTs have proven themselves not only incapable of having any responsibility within any health service but have any shown that a large percentage of Doctors are also equally incapable too.

If I ever do go to a GP or hospital is over something that is distracting, not run of the mill, preventing me from doing things outriggers range for granted and as shown on here over and over again for the same things when I know I am being lied to and fobbed off.

The whole point of the latter is two fold...

1-To get them to do their jobs while...
2-Seeing to which lengths they were willing to go to, to continue their charade?

Not too much to ask and totally understandable, unless your an amoral half-wit who believes none of this is true nor outshone unless it happens to you personally. Well 'half-wit' because the evidence kind of speaks for itself, or rather boots you in the face with its size tens.

There is only one option available to the defence and trust me they won't want to use it. In fact fit their own sakes they really do not want to do that, lol.

So I did hear something about this where you could go and speak to a pharmacist for more 'run of the mill' ailments? Good idea, though not sure I would ever use it, or at least not much. Maybe a first line of defence over something bugging me, groan, could cause me to use the service to save me feeling like I am wasting the time of a Doctor, though after having well over a decade of mine wasted I do not quite feel as worried about that as I used to. A factor they capitalised on and exploited in the first 5 to 10 years.

While going this I am still in shock at the news that Linda Bellingham has died. Not on TV much in recent years but was a familiar face on it when I was a kid. I always liked her up front nature and she always seemed an honest and genuine person to me whenever she appeared on TV.

A shame that there are not more like her in the country.

Pharmacies 'could save NHS £1bn'

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