Thursday, 2 October 2014


Well I don't believe this!

I heard this the other day about someone turning up at a US hospital feeling ill then being sent home only to turn up again having contacted Ebola!

I am barely over the shock that this guy was wandering about for God knows how long infecting others and now it turns out that in his country of Liberia he lied about being in contact with anyone infected. You could hardly forget having a relative in a wheelbarrow and waking them to a hospital or clinic?!

Showed how much he gave a sit about others by deserting his relative and then funding off on a plane to America!

I previously posted that someone from Africa illegally finding their way into Europe, to normally get to Britain to sponge of us, who would be carrying it would cause an outbreak. I never expected one to travel by plane and to America of all places?!

Utterly bloody crazy! Could there be just one time whereby the Americans are as good at something that their films reflect?! I am starting to think that the American film industry is as big as it is so add to distract attention away from the truth? Lol!

Good God you have to feel for the American public in the vicinity of that African idiot! Especially those with children. I hope this comes to nothing as it will prevent a lot is sleepless nights and reassure the rest of the American public that it can be contained?

Liberia 'to prosecute US Ebola man'

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