Friday, 17 October 2014


Odd occurrence and important for any Brits on repeat prescriptions done digitally...

The network is down and despite my GP sending it to this Boots yesterday around 6.30pm it has been down for two days?!

Yes bizarre. I asked if this only affected Boots and the chap stated "no, no one is receiving prescriptions at the moment!"

Oddly enough they offered to give me the only pills I am currently out of, which is Sertraline, until the system is up. However they then got confused about the dosages as the system days I am on 50mg but my GP put me up to 100mg though I had previously ran out prior to registering with him and did not want it anymore. He thought 100mg might help with the Fibromyalgia and I still have my doubts it's doing anything.

I then had to explain that my records will look confusing as I got kicked off two GP's because they did not like that I sight then lying.

Now I am sure that many readers will want to make the same mistake friends did and state that they would then think me mad. On the contrary, we then got into a discussion about it and it must be common knowledge now as I had previously spoken to another pharmacist at the same Boots who showed a keen interest in what I've done and stated she had been hearing it for quite awhile bit not met anyone to actually record them and get evidence. The fact I had been doing this for over three years they found astounding.

So no they did not and in fact we kind of joked about it after they asked Mr how in the world I diagnosed myself when the NHS consistently failed to through dozens of GPs, Doctors, Physiotherapists and Nurses?! Lol.

I ran through my list of subjects I am knowledgeable in after I explained about my degree. "Ooooh!" Was the response.

So if you are reading this and you get prescriptions sent through via computer you may want to phone your pharmacist and ask. Some people may be in the totally enviable position of living miles from anywhere?

In these instances not being informed about the network being down can prove costly, time wasting and of course bloody painful!

Oh and something of note is in the TV News I heard sentences that sounds like they were taken from this blog. They were featured in a national tabloid, don't ask I don't know which one. But a guest on the show poked fun at this journalist as ..  "It was taken from a blog!" was hire it was explained.
Do not ask that as I do not know, but I will say it's damned close to what I expected from yet another one of my very obvious traps I knew would bit be noticed based on the very thing I mentioned recently I use to catch them all...


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