Monday, 13 October 2014


A bizarre title I grant you.

However the numbers are those that exist on a list of top ten geological sites throughout the UK that I have actually been to!

This number would be far higher had I ever been to areas of Scotland I wanted to and not been so hampered by mobility and lack of a car.

I would say I have also been to places that are not on the list! Like Lyme Regis' Jurassic Coast!

You could now probably imagine what a world wide list of places I would like to visit might look like?

I won't even venture into the world of Cosmology, the Universe's birth, the big bang theory, inflation, dark matter, dark energy (ahem) and the multi-verse theory I am extremely keen on. That would be a very, very long post. On fact a blog all of its own! Err well it is a blog ask of its own but has been horridly... neglected due to other... factors.

People I would most like to have met? Dr Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkings and a few others besides. Probably a few Russian scientists who I have forgotten too?! Lol.

UK's 'Greatest Geosites' announced

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