Wednesday, 29 October 2014


The Conservative Party had now proved itself to be made up of uncaring people, lying people and quite incompetent people.

It is nothing short of both hilarious and shocking for their incompetence when one Tory states that disabled people aren't worth anything and the rest of them deny that they think this way?!

Err everyone knows about the Disability Living Allowance fuck up? Everyone knows about the constant screw up that is Atos and that the organisation is nothing more than a bunch of frauds, liars and spongers like many others.

It is quite unbelievable the contempt that politicians show and consistently so for the people they claim to serve.

Where are the people that are supposed to be the humble servants in positions of great honour and responsibility and I have to ask myself if the public will wake up before the next general election?
I stated to several people that everyone is so used to bring dishonest, even when claiming they are not.

This bloody moron along with the rest of the half wits are gong to get a shock when they are shown up for what they truly are.

No wonder done people think that lizards run the planet as they certainly act like giant, cold blooded and calculating reptiles! Lol!

I should start a new campaign called Justice For The Disabled?! Lmao!

Disabled pay row minister apologises

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