Monday, 27 October 2014


Well no sooner had I finished the post 'The Final Curtain Part Two' and I see this BBC report regarding some screw ups at yet another hospital?!

These stories really do seem to run from one end of the country to the other! Southampton, err one up north somewhere and now on I in Suffolk. Of c order the could be others I have forgotten or not known about. Sure as eggs are eggs there will be more.

When are those idiots that think themselves a species apart and not accountable because their high salaries apparently excuse them going to smell the coffee?!

They really need to shake msn things up in the anarchic and archaic and flawed system of careers in the public services?! I would imagine private companies have similar problems. Look around you. Nothing you have stated has come to pass! Your proven yourselves idiots and morons and nothing is going to change until YOU do this childish attitude of hogging all the toys! Your like male Dogs peeing on trees shouting "This is MY TREE and MY AREA!"

all the time just dragging the entire nation ever slowly downwards into the fiery pits of hell. Or Mordor! Lol.

Patient had 'wrong part operated on'

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