Monday, 13 October 2014


Sincere or otherwise Mark Carney has correctly pointed out that bankers have gotten away with murder, probably quite literally, and are still are thick and incompetent as ever.

I have often stated many different things on my blogs. Many of these are wild and I don't care because it almost always transpires that my theories turn out to be correct. So what better way to show this than to jot, jot, jot and wait for the lines to join the dot, dot, dots?

This reminds me that I have something to add to my global warming theories that became climate change theories based on my Mud on a Ping Pong ball theory.

However, back down here on Earth you have the morons that think that the way for the human race to evolve is to lie, cheat, manipulate and kill each other?

Yeah right.

I started to tell friends a long time ago that when some careers were getting ludicrous amounts of money out was the beginning of a spiral but not a downward one. One that would spiral upwards at an every increasing speed destroying lives and even countries in its wake. This is because such an animal requires sustenance that becomes ever more hungry for ever greater things.

Before long the knowledge of living on a strict diet, World War 2 say, had long since been forgotten and everyone else on the breadline is expected to learn to do this while they, who have no rightful claim to plush homes and luxuries of unimaginable levels, continue unabated.

Here in is a BBC report doing the rounds about how company bosses earn 120 times more each year than the average?! Not the lowest, you understand, but the average!

I am not really surprised but the report serves as a good way to highlight how this became ridiculous a long time ago.

It also highlights that in a world of sudden and stark, not to mention dark, realities that the Cloud Cuckoos still think they have the right and the intelligence to be running things and calling the shots for the rest of us?

Now, what do you think?

Company bosses 'earn 120 times more'

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