Tuesday, 5 July 2016


During all my time acquiring evidence against all of the public services I came across I would also ask myself questions about it all.

One of those is 'do they do this knowing they all help each other out to screw the public over?'

Now in my estimation the absolute best conspiracies only work when there are extremely few that are aware of their existence.

I have no doubt that at the top they are always thinking of these things whether it is in government, some private American owned company such as Serco ... or both.

One of the most difficult things for me to accept, as I sure believe it has also been the case for the majority of visitors, was that Doctors and general Practitioners are involved in this crap. Accepting that took a long time which is why it took years to build up the data for this blog. But were they and are they aware.

One single GP I was under actually admitted the lying and cheating but told me that their hands were tied by the NHS. SO that General Practitioners took the blame for something they did not do.

Now I will state that I first explained to her, Dr Huq, that they did this to help out the DWP and all Local Councils to save money and she looked intrigued. Then the a month or so later I went there with the truth ... a refusal letter for DLA from the DWP that stated I was turned down because Dr Huq was unable to ill in forms.

She went into a rage and said that she has filled these inn for 20 years and that the DWP had lied and that when a form is not filled in correctly the DWP returned it to the practice. So they lied and then conveniently forgot and then lied to me, saying they did not have enough medical evidence.

Some weeks later I handed in not one but TWO privately performed X-rays of my back because she wanted to see them. We were meant to meet up and she would tell me what she thought of the X-rays but ... when I came back in to make an appointment her stunned staff informed me she had marched in one morning, stated she had, had enough of the NHS, spun around and walked out! Taking my X-rays with her and staff having to phone the NHS to get a stand in GP until they had moved all the patients to other clinics.

So it would seem they knew patients were being screwed for money but did not know the bigger picture.

She learnt something that other GP's I have had have not. Be careful or you will be left holding the baby!

But if they did not know then how were the NHS doing  it?

I fully believe I now know the answer to that question.

Recently I had a phone conversation with the DWP where an odd, not too bright but patronizing woman, who obviously thinks all those without jobs are scum, said that they basically needed a letter where the GP worded it like he was there when I had a major seizure and fell unconscious.

That statement from her was so obviously lame that my answer was that GPs, Doctors, Nurses and Specialists cannot follow all their patients around 24 hours a day to see these healthh events when they happen and of course, IF they happen too.

Then I got a letter from my GP to give to the DWP and that question had lodged right into my mind, it was that bloody stupid.

When I got home I had a friend here who is himself a professional and was a social worker for Camden Council for 15 years. So he dealt a lot with people and their health issues and their Doctors and GP's. I looked at the letter and I spotted the word 'alleged'.I showed it to him and he reeled in horror and said that the use of that word in that context makes it appear that I am lying.

I laughed and said "What are they actually going to say that I made up a long list of symptoms for more than 15 years then waited all that time to say ... "Oh, guess what ... it is Fibromyalgia!" Fifteen years plus! REALLY?!

I was not happy with the letter I had just paid them £25 for and so sent them an email. The next day, yesterday, the GP called me up and told me that "We have to put alleged for legal reasons"?! I then told him that it was unny he should say that as when I spoke to the DWP they basically wanted a letter that was worded in such a way that he was standing behind me when the seizure happened and all the other Fibromyalgia stuff had happened. I told him that I told her that this was effing ludicrous and based on this no one would be getting any money at all who actually possessed all limbs while not confined to a wheelchair! I think he saw what I was getting at?

Anyway he agreed to re-write the letter. So I am taking to back today.

But then I thought ... "Wait a minute? I am assuming that because he said he had to put that 'alleged' in for legal reasons that a solicitors firm told them to do this. But WHAT IF it was the NHS?!"


Suddenly every Doctor's letter states 'alleged' while the DWP want a written account of a GP witnessing this?! There's your trap. THAT'S YOUR CONSPIRACY!

Hmm ... do I bow at this point or just saunter quietly out the back door?!


Oh and the seizure? 

The appointment came through this morning ... oddly I do not have to ring up and it is already set ...

Now remember ... this appointment below is because of symptoms I have told all five GP Surgeries about I have been under while in Enfield.

I cannot recall if it occurred or I told any one before Enfield. Hmm the ear thing, yes. The eye thing I am pretty sure, no.

Sooo if it is a tumour ... or turns out to be something ... fatal ... or progressively debilitating..

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