Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I read a news report that stated that Theresa May has stated there will be no talks about the UK leaving the EU and triggering 'article 50' during 2016?

But wait? Didn't they state that it would not be triggered until the Autumn?

I was talking to a friend yesterday that felt very strongly about leaving the EU. Since we voted to leave he was beaming and full of predictions about how things will get better.

What I said yesterday he didn't like.

I asked if he had heard about Theresa May claiming there will be no talks or triggering 'article 50' until 2017. He hadn't. I reminded him that David Cameron stated that he would not trigger article 50 straight away but it would be done in the autumn.

I said that now it's moved again until 2017.

He thinks that getting a Prime Minister that voted for remain was a good idea. I reminded him that I said it made no sense at all, Boris Johnson was still going to go for the top spot as was Michael Gove.
It makes sense to have a remain voter now.

It suddenly occurred to me that we might not leave the EU? It's a if they are going into 'kicking the can down the road' in the hope that we would get bored and eventually it's forgotten. Maybe with some deal with the EU to appease the British public over not leaving?

I might have been unsure about voting to leave but this is not the way to do things.

If this is indeed their plan they should heed my words, after all the years of pissing off the British public, the 'we are all in it together', 'we will be more transparent', the expenses bollocks and ask the other crap I really think that this will turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes in British history.

I won't be surprised in the least if I'm right and to me it will just be another one of those things. But to others it might be a lot more than that and more than that can take?

Even the voters of remain should see that, and not just cower down like amoral pricks with no backbone because they got what they wanted. Because this will divide the British public even more.
I think if this is the case and I'm right and they do, do this they're will be years of unrest and trouble among members of the public.

If this happens I will be there to tell the government not to blame the public as it will be then to blame for this.

If I can predict it then they have absolutely no excuses they can hide behind whatsoever.

If your a politician it should not be how good a list you are, how much you promise the people what they want and sounding sincere. Those days are done. Want unrest, riots and all kinds of bother? 
Then keep going just as you are.

Or what you will get off the lowest turn out in British history at the next general election.

If love to see that ... lol, imagine it ... Tories get ten votes and Labour get twelve? I would burst out laughing as it would be so funny. Quite unfortunately I think there are far too many naive and blind people asking the British public, maybe everywhere?

I still think it would be a very low turnout though if nothing had been done about getting out of Europe by the next general election.

Theresa May would never ever win the next election of we were still in Europe. It would be seen as the greatest insult to the British people and the Tories would go out of power and stay out for over a decade, I would wager.

Still, let's see shall we?

Oh yes, one last thing, Europe and Mrs Merkel! How not to be utterly stupid, your leaders for God sake..

Don't hold the British people to ransom about the very things they want to leave Europe for! It won't end well, morons!

Also if people don't like being called morons or stupid then don't say moronic and stupid things.
Otherwise people might start thinking you got in power another way like sexual favours or money for instance of it starts to look certain it wasn't intelligence!

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