Wednesday, 27 July 2016


So one single consultant was paid £375,000 just in overtime alone?

Well we know what that time was spent doing.

That is one single person. Overtime only. Jesus H. Christ!

Well I'm getting more and more stories about how terrible the treatment of patients is in hospitals, just lately two of those were from family members who never believed my claims a few years ago. They not only started to hear their own stories from others but now experienced it first hand!

Now I can tell them what one single person gets in overtime alone.

You can employ me for half that, I can change my first name to 'Doctor' and I don't have to be one to keep saying 'no' or your ultrasound was clear when it wasn't?!

I've been across five hospitals and five GP Surgeries and they have all lies and made excuses not to do things and that is not going to change anytime soon.

In fact the best details and evidence I've ever got looks like it just might be around the next corner? More clues in my next post.

Saw a report about Donald Trump saying something about Russians should hack Hilary Clinton or something? Media going nuts about it, but I don't know why. It wasn't like he gave the Russians the password, instructions or even location of said emails.

But for some bizarre reason the media are treating it like he did! Umm don't they know how IT works?

I might not be Donald Trumps biggest fan but this is the media going ridiculous over nothing yet again. Large TV news networks? Bloody pathetic. I think secretly they either hate Donald Trump very much, maybe because he don't sound like a left winger? Either that or they are terrified as hell of him becoming president? They need to grab a hold of something so weak and make something huge out of nothing at all is nothing more than pathetic, childish and shows a terrible amount of missing professionalism. I mean, really?!

Jesus H. Christ gets two mentions in no time at all tonight!

If someone is genuinely seen as bad news or trouble if they get in power why don't you go after genuine things and ignore making something out of nothing?

One thing I've learned is that those making noises about foul play either have been guilty of something just bad themselves or even far worse?

Take the DWP. Spoke to me like I was a lying, lazy sponger who she like i was taking money out of their pockets. When in fact I've told the truth and can prove it (whoops), they have told five lies that are going to drag yo their previous four lies (double whoops) and are reach paid ten times out of the taxpayers money than what I get (treble whoops) and best of all I've done more good for the country and its people than they ever will and this is increasing at a fair old place lately. Well what do you know? A quadruple whoops!

It's a quintet because it looks like I'm now going to get the very thing I've waited many years to get?!
It's a full quintet!

More in the next post.

NHS consultant paid £375,000 in overtime -

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