Friday, 15 July 2016


Would you be surprised to learn that the title is not mine?

I am having another rare good morning with little in the way of trouble .. knock on wood.

I had just checked my emails and have written out a report of a recent sequence of actions I have taken that I intend to publish at the weekend.

Parts of the report show a number of days and I want the days to build up before I publish the report you see. After all everything I do is a test as much as it is genuine. The genuine stress test site only in this instance the word 'stress' has a double meaning.

I am still awaiting some important replies from several organisations that simply have not arrived.

I had also discovered and probably forgot to mention that in my recent surge for research data that one website for Fibromyalgia, FMA UK, was stating something about a documentary being done about how the DWP treat people, obviously badly, with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Turned out they were filming in the first two weeks of April or something so I had missed it .. typical.

But then I thought i had better keep an eye out for this documentary appearing on TV. Only this morning I started wondering if I had looked at the year this was supposed to be and might have been old and I missed it. So I actually started looking for it.

In my search that was in vain I came across two separate interesting things and the first was a film that premiered at the London Independent Film Festival Opening Night Gala and the poster for said film did not mention him by name but had someone that looked a lot like the late Alan Rickman.

It is about a Cellist who develops Fibromyalgia that basically destroys her life and it is called Sonata for Cello.

Carrying on with my research I then spotted that line in the title on a page of a Fibromyalgia sufferer called Donna and her site and a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, though I believe the two are the same thing. Fibromyalgia just appears to be the same thing as Chronic Fatigue except with more symptoms and I think that is how these two arose separately.

Anyway .. down her page you will see a section called 'Watching & Listening' and then see the title I have here as a link. Now it gets a bit odd. The page is listed as news for January 2016 so not that old and the link is listed as a newish UK documentary. Only when you click on the link there is no video and YouTube states the account was closed down?!

& ..

I found another website that stated that Fibromyalgia was bought up with Members of Parliament recently in the House of Commons, I tin tat is where it was. But I have navigated away from the damn page and cannot remember where it was or what it said!

Very suspect, lol.

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