Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Second Class? I .. don't .. think .. so!

We are talking third class at the maximum.

What an I talking about, you may well be asking? I am speaking about which class disabled people are placed into by speaking about how I have been made to feel for a large number of years running into double figures.

Yes 'double figures' and much longer and you can put the number '2' onto the front of that number.
But then there could be two other things that go against me that make me feel like I'm struggling to stay in the third class..

I'm male and British born and my skin colour may have a factor in all this, as many people tell me that it most definitely is.

So a watchdog has reported that disabled people are treated like second class citizens and from just about every corner in my experience.

There have been two single occasions when I've got into difficulties and asked if I've needed help. Both in the last six months oddly.

Forgetting one couple that just stood and watched when I had a seizure and feel unconscious for ten minutes in a wood near my home.

Disabled people 'treated like second-class citizens' - watchdog -

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