Wednesday, 20 July 2016


So this is weird.

I just recently posted about being cooked alive at 9.45am on a bus and this news report comes out about searing heat on the buses.

Now this report involves buses in the Midlands somewhere but involves two very shocking things that need to be read to be believed.

First off the buses had their heaters on full blast and when asked about it the driver said he was sorry, could not turn them off because they helped keep the engine cool?!

What the feck?! This was something you did with cars thirty years ago or if you had a coolant leak but not today.

Passengers were dating they felt terrible and we're on the verge of passing out.

It does not have to be that hot for me to feel like that. I felt exactly like this yesterday afternoon and I wasn't even in a bloody bus. I had been in the morning but decided that buses were out completely until things cooled down.

The second shocking thing about this is the bus company stated when asked that they knew nothing about any of this?!

Errrr .... what?!

Only one of three things is going on here ...

First of that the driver is a complete moron.

Second that the manager at the bus depot is a complete moron and so are his drivers for believing this crap.

The third one might be what turns out to be the case ... the transport service knew dank damn well this was a problem and covering up and going no one realises they blew a large portion of the public's money on fucking cheap shite buses that overheat when the weather is hot.

Oh and in which case they are all idiots or staying quiet in an act of self preservation ... or both?

It's really .. quite surreal. I'm having trouble actually believing it really and wonder if I can remember to check where this story goes in the future.

Passengers 'boiled alive' on heated buses -

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