Friday, 2 March 2018


Well it was only a matter of time.

The trouble was when I started out with all this was that I knew that the GP's, Doctors and hospitals were lying to people but how was I going to get everyone else to realise this fact?

I had a hard enough time with friends and family when I realised and it was not long before I also realised I was going to have to prove it. People did not think I was lying .. they just thought I was mistaken or that there was some explanation to what had happened and what was said to me that did not mean I was lied to.

For these people things got a little weird when one GP admitted it to me. Told me that they were under strict instructions from the NHS Trusts not to refer patients for anything expensive. This could be scans, treatments and were even told not to diagnose or give out expensive drugs. By people and groups that bought nothing to the table as far as health care was concerned. Then she quite and quite acrimoniously too, stating she had, had enough of the NHS to her five stunned members of staff. Her name was Dr Huq.

Who would have thought that Doctors who swear an oath would behave in this way and that it would be such a large percentage of them. Some did try to resist this and did not like it and stated as much to me while most .. followed orders without batting an eyelid.

I could literally work out who should and should not be a Doctor when going back through my medical past.

I even had a pharmacist agree with me when we got friendly over time and I mentioned what I knew was going on within the NHS. He surprised me with his agreement of my claims and stated that he had seen a massive drop in the prescriptions he handed out. What the powers that be failed to take into account was that drugs now not being handed out in a big way would then be sitting on the shelves of the pharmacists everywhere and .. pass their 'use by' dates and then have to be thrown away. Which the pharmacist told me had been happening for a while. They were losing money, so much for saving it, and as a result they had no choice but to stop ordering so many drugs in. Sometimes not at all.

Now I could go to one doubting Thomas I knew and finally explain why he has been complaining to me for the last year that one of the biggest chemists out there, Lloyds Chemist, were almost always out of his pills completely. I explained that even the ones that he did get on the day were likely a lot lower stock wise. He was stunned as I explained what I had been told by this pharmacist and I would end "well I did try to tell you".

But there was still everyone else and I did publish several recordings on here in the early days that left no doubts at all that I was lied to, one specialist even admitting it on tape. Those that bothered to listen realised this and one thanked me for what I had done. This vicar's family had been lied to and it had almost split his family in two. I felt good that I managed to help someone before their lies had taken a terrible effect on one particular family. 

Money has proved to be ore important to politicians in the last decade or two than human life, pain and suffering but they have the audacity to refuse voluntary euthanasia based on it being morally wrong.

Far too much hypocrisy among the government, politicians and powers that be.

For instance we are a nation that claims to love our dogs and we would not see them suffer and put them to sleep but when it comes to us? No .. we are meant to stay and suffer and when this means something that is incurable or a situation that we ourselves cannot do anything about .. this is wrong, pure and simple.

Makes me laugh out loud when I think that this may involve what they believe to be morally right based on some mad religious principles. Very likely the biggest hypocrisy of all?

So in the BBC app, or on their web-page, there is a report that states that the levels of satisfaction of General Practitioners is at an all time low!

I believe now that there will be an exponential rise in these numbers because it was only a matter of time that it would build up.

Just like me I would not be surprised to discover that every single dissatisfied patient had the exact same issues I had with friends and family. Some might have been called liars by those they cared about or just simply an idiot. This has a bad effect on an individual over time that could surpass even that of the effect their health condition has on them. Stress, anxiety and depression spring to mind off the bat and God only knows how much damage they have done. God only knows why these oath swearing Doctors did not get together and point out the detrimental effect it would have on patients.

Even that pharmacist told me that whet the government and NHS were doing with their actions is create a ticking time bomb. "If you do not treat these conditions that can become far more complicated, far more expensive to deal with down the line and maybe even cause deaths!" is what he said to me at one point. I told him it never even occurred to me to think about the numbers of drugs not being handed out nor the effects on these health conditions.

As with everyone else there is another inevitable fact .. one of your friends or family members states that your Doctor or the hospital has lied to you and you can likely pass that off. Maybe you dismiss it out of fear? The one person that you can and should rely on above all else is your Doctor and what if you no longer can? Would be kind of frightening for some. Was for me. But what if after a while you have two friends or family members stating that? After all everyone needs a Doctor. Well OK there are rare times when people do not even have Doctors, my father did not. Then there are those that always seem to be a fit as a proverbial fiddle, the fortunate bastards, and hardly, if ever, visit the GP they registered with. They would never find out.

So yeah .. I had two things to wait for .. one is each person being told by more than one person they know that they have been lied to. The other is some investigative journalists actually doing their jobs, as to being handed something on a plate by a member of the public and then laying claim to it.

Let us not forget that it is well documented within the UK that nurses and Doctors were asked by the government and the DWP, indirectly, to lie about patients health conditions. To state that they did not have one or that they were ot as bad as the patient was claiming. This was to help the DWP save money as well as the NHS, while they were all being paid of course, and I realised that this must go on with other public services to save them money too. Number one being the very long list of local councils spread throughout the UK?

I can tell you one thing after my last visit .. the bedside manner could be improved with some wankers that claimed they knew about my condition but clearly knew fuck all. Eh, Mr Know-It-All?!

One last thing and that is that once again .. why is this report on the BBC's bloody app and not being talked about on the news? Or even Sky News for that matter .. no a few inches of snow that has never been seen before on Earth .. oh no it is just the UK, sorry, is far more important than Doctors and Specialists intentionally leaving people in an endless spiral of pain and suffering.

Not long now I would wager? A year? Two at the most?

Still trying to figure out where all these people are coming from to fill in the half a million homes they are planning in the north of England?

With the vast and inevitable increase in number of people with untreated health conditions and all those they are also killing off becaue of the actions, or lack of them, of the evil trinity of the NHS, DWP and Local Councils .. where are these people coming from?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Satisfaction with GP services at record low -

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