Saturday, 31 March 2018


I very literally do not know what is going on at the moment.

My daughter has been getting some pain and likely from the fact that the NHS stupidly gave her a second lot of antibiotics when the first lot did not work? Also that this is worrying because it could be the cancer and right now it as the Easter weekend.

Added to this I have been having some stomach pains of my own that have been on and off. This was accompanied by both an increase in frequency of my chest symptoms and heart palpitations but a prolonged period of it.

I awoke at 3am .. and then had difficulties for several hours with the chest symptoms and palpitations causing me to be extremely restless. I did get back to sleep albeit for just a little while before waking up with the same symptoms and back to being restless once again. Tossing and turning, so to speak.

Still getting the blacking out too and I am scratching my head as to what in the bloody world is going on?! This applies to what my daughter is experiencing too, if you had not guessed.

Ever since I wrote that last post abut that poor young girl who succumbed to cervical cancer some years ago at the age of 19 I have been .. in a .. state.

I told my daughter that I simply did not understand how that story mentioned nothing about punishment or compensation and that I simply could not believe that something did not happen. I stated that it would be literally unbelievable that this could have happened to someone else recently and that they could still get away with it.

I then asked about where all the cancer charities have been and where all the women's charities have been if the government and the NHS have been allowed to get away with this for years?!

My daughter replied "I know!"

There are so many scary things going on that you simply cannot think straight and I am at a loss to how neither have us have had some sort of complete mental breakdown. That is to say one that lands us in some mental institution?!

I even mentioned about this blog and what I had been stating for years now. When talking about the NHS lying and falsifying tests I said that she can now see that I was right all along but how frustrating it has been to not see this blog go viral, how does that even work? She could see that too.

I might have been able to do something abut this a long time ago had most people not been narrow minded or lived in denial. Or it could be that everyone is just inwardly amoral, despite liking to sound as if they have high morals on the outside?

I could not have done anything in time for the other Sophie, mind you, as I had only started blogging around or shortly after she passed away.

In fact I am not even sure I knew the extent of the lies and falsifications within the NHS when I started blogging as many recordings were posted up after I started the blog.

As for other things I predicted over recent years .. crime getting worse but how about in weird ways? Here is one .. Policeman murders his wife?

My daughter was passed off, fobbed off for having something completely different than the fatal illness she actually has .. as was another poor young girl also called Sophie in the same borough several years before and here is a guy that was told he had hurt his leg unknowingly .. he died .. at 29 leaving behind children that will no doubt grow up bitter about the NHS ..

I was getting nervous about where I was living .. there had been a murder within a half a mile of my flat .. in a place I simply did not want to live and now and inside of six months a murder at the end of my road! Yes this is where I live .. technically ..

I still do not know what it is causing the chest symptoms and it simply would not surprise me if I dropped dead. I would not care except ..

The only thing I do not want to do is put my daughter through any more pain than she has been in .. left to put up with and inevitable she will endure more of .. thanks to the NHS, DWP and Local Council of Wirral ..

The Evil Trinity as I have been calling them for so very long and here they are at their very best, or worst, and actually doing the things I have accused them of .. to me .. my daughter .. and my grandchildren!

A catastrophe waiting to happen? A series of catastrophes in fact.

I use the word 'failure' i my tagging to draw people in to my posts but I have always hated and felt quite uncomfortable using this particular word. Because hat suggests it was a mistake or that they did not know what they were doing or what the results of doing what they do, or not, as the case may be, would be. Umm was that last bit even Englash?! Lol.

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