Sunday, 4 March 2018


A grey and cloud covered sky is all that I have.

No distractions or concerns and no one within my personal circle to care about.

No one here and lack of thoughts about what to do and where to go.

The loneliness is all enveloping and surrounds me like a silk shroud.

The issues apparent and forever increasing one questions the meaning to exist.

Pictures are viewed far and wide while hope lingers that an exit appears.

The darkness always waiting just outside almost gesturing a knock upon my door.

Long talks that fill the heart were never discovered

Little things said that shroud the heart in warmth forever absent.

A mere glimpse of a longing gaze lost now to the sands of time.

The gentlest of touches to raise the bumps while hairs stand to attention.

Life is empty but for horrors and plights that spread like disease.

All meaning and purpose fade to insignificance while pondering the tough questions.

Direction seemingly lost and memories fade into the darkness that spreads.

Where then be the light to guide ones way?

Be there any that could coax you and fill you with hope?

While the darkness and grey grow and the light fades one prays for the faintest sign.

A direction to head and a goal to reach that may repair this damaged heart to feel love but once.

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