Wednesday, 7 March 2018


I have not covered much of the extreme left when it comes to Antifa and their like of late.

Dealing with the public services they have destroyed over the years who now seem to help all groups over jut one, I got a little busy. I sort of still am .. most days while waiting for other things to fall into place. If they ever fall into place. The alternative does not bear thinking about.

But I see an odd Sargon of Akkad video and odd because of its headline and him holding onto an Antifa flag and wondered “What the f ….?!” So I had to give it a look in.

This was due to talk that took place at King's College London between Sargon, or Carl Benjamin, and someone Yarin Brook.

The place ws besieged by a group claiming to be peaceful and there because Sargon promotes violence and is alt-right. Except the only ones that were violent were those that claimed they were there to protest against Sargon because he promotes violence, among some other bullshit.

Of course they came in with their faces covered up .. because they were fully intended to peaceful protest without any use of violence. They even fought to try and keep their faces covered when one person tried to remove the mask of one of this peaceful bunch.

What was also of interest is how it was reported by the media after the event, which was cancelled due to the fire alarms being triggered but took place elsewhere.

To my shock Sargon noted that all of the left-wing news media lied or exaggerated the event and to my shock the right-wing groups reported it far more accurately?! So much for me stating that the extreme right are just as bad as the extreme left?!

He stated something .. I cannot recall exactly about how certain people are treated and the reasons why. There was something said about some people deliberately trying to cause rifts and though I have wondered to this myself I do not know what the truth is. I only state possibilities and one other theory I have other than deliberate rifts is that they do it because they can, because they do not have enough money because they use that money u so as not to be labelled and there is none left for one particular group. But leaving that group without help and support they can do without being labelled.

Sorry to say but when you think about it, it can ONLY BE one or the other. It IS only one or the other. Either way it is going to cause a rift and whether this was intended or not .. it is what is happening and .. I really do not think that the government cares and even if not intended .. probably see it as something that goes in their favour, if they have not already.

People might not like the facts but facts are what they are. When something is obviously leaing in one direction there has to be a reason behind it. Either a dastardly plan or getting away with not providing money amd/or support while not having the fear of being labelled. The label they try so hard to avoid in particular is 'racist' but are avoiding it so much that the whole system is leaning so far to one side I am surprised it has not capsized.

It could be argued that what is going on with talks like this and that said by other YouTubers and especially in the comments are things capsizing in slow-motion? It is not only what I see taking place but which I started predicting over ten years ago now.

I started of with the single theory that the government, both central and local, were doing this because they could get away with it. But then they started going after disabled people and I quickly noticed that even there it was leaning to one side. I have pointed this out to several other disabled people active on Facebook and they have then realised it too and are shocked that it is so obvious that they were stunned they did not notice this before.

Sorry but it is what it I and I had nothing to do with it .. I only noticed it.

Once again I do not know what the real reasons are but as I already stated it can only be one of two reasons and each of which is wrong and the end result will be the exact same.

So it really does not bloody matter what the real reasons are right now, does it? This is what is happening, has been happening and where it is going to end up and that is inevitable.

So do something about it and stop arguing about the reasons as it is not going to achieve anything.

I kind of left like someone was referring to me?

Anyway another thing of note was Russia Today's reporting of the event being totally inaccurate and I must say I drifted away from them some time ago now. I wonder if anyone at the studio is in possession of a quantity of nerve agent?!

Good God .. I cannot believe he would be stupid enough to try that again? But then that particular Russian is nothing more than a bully and a tyrant that likes to show off.

Anyway if you want to see a few videos people took on their phones of Antifa peacefully protesting by bursting in with their faces masked up and pushing people around I suggest you look here ..

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