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Sorry I could not resist that title ... I mean the Department of Work and Pensions and despite the fact there are thousands of employees being paid between £50,000 and hundreds of thousands per annum all coming out of the public purse they do not give a shit about anyone that is ill or old.

Now I actually thought recently that I may have made a mistake?

They sent me that patronising email about getting a letter from my GP to state why I cannot travel and I had already sent them several GP letters and Hospital letters confirming all the diagnosis I have had along with the fact I am about to have colonoscopy and a scan on my head, so have that on my mind. Umm no pun intended, lol.

Now where I made the mistake is that I sent off to emails and that I considered that it may have been possible, after  I ripped them a new one, that they may have sent the email asking for the letter prior  to reading the letters I attached in the last email.

Like I said ... I sent two emails.

I attended the GP Surgery, as I stated, to my new GP, the brother of the one who just moved to Ealing, who, incidentally, does not know me.

He knows nothing of my medical records or my history whereas his brother does and I pointed it out that I find it something of a hard coincidence to believe that the DWP demand an assessment just as the GP moves without warning?

You would think that these moves would take months and months to set-up? I mean it is not like going for a normal hob is it? Your a Doctor, for Christ sake. There have to be checks, checks on your records, criminal records and medical background, knowledge and where you acquired your degree?

Mind you saying that ... it does tend to arise in the news every now and then that some Doctor Death, I like that, has not been given the proper checks before he killed a load of people, intentionally or otherwise.

Maybe these checks are just for mere mortals?

Anyway I have given the email asking for the letter from my GP, possibly again, below along with all that I sent them along with the latest letter to be posted to them.

As it turns out that no, I was not wrong. They did state that the medical letters I sent them of all my diagnosis is not actually good enough and that I needed a letter from my GP as to why I cannot travel?!

Two problems ...

  • Do they not claim they have medical professionals?!
  • How many of your Doctors follow your backside around for days on end to see what you are capable of or if you are having the symptoms you claim that you are or not?!

Do you know what ignoring the stuff I sent them means? That is after they were all like 'Oooh we will send this off the the DWP' crap?

It means they are incompetent morons and that there attempts to stick the knife into people with disabilities is nothing more than pathetic and that they have the law and the NHS twisted around their finger and do not care who knows?!

Ooh? Did I mention the United Nations?! I cannot recall, oh well good to have a few things up for round 3!


Dear Mr Haswell

If you wish to be assessed at your home for your work capability assessment, the onus is on you to provide a letter from your GP explaining the reasons for the request.

Please be aware that if your GP charges you for providing the letter, we are not in a position to refund you for the cost of this.

with regards

Customer Relations
Centre for Health and Disability Assessments
Room 4E04, Quarry House. Quarry Hill. Leeds. LS2 7UA

Letter from DWP as they seem to be suddenly clueless to what I have and only NHS, Doctor and Specialist letters that have been falsified and ... doctored, ahem, are acceptable?!

Note above how they have given me from Monday 13th June 2016 to Wednesday 15th June 2016 to get an answer to them with a Second Class Post envelope they themselves provided?! LMBFAO!

Evidence I sent them PREVIOUSLY which was not good enough, told them about the head scan and the colonoscopy as well along with GP contact details ...

These are likely not all that I sent and I believe I remember there being 12?

I quite deliberately sent them one letter from back in 2003 to show them that I can prove not only what they have been up to but how far back it goes.

The other funny thing is that I never pointed out, quite deliberately along with other things, even on here is that I knew I was being lied to and messed about and could not figure out how they were so sure they would get away with it ...

...until I discovered that I had Fibromyalgia Syndrome, what it does to one's memory and that they had known for at least two years that I had it.

I had a real bad history of forgetting and missing appointments some years back and found it strange that I kept doing it, how can you forget there is somthjing wrong with you, you need to sort out?

Even stanger was the fact that I was never ever once charged the £10 fee for missing appointments?

I naively used to think that it was because Dr Rhaman and I had a good rapport and I used to do him favours by helping him train medical trainees once a month?!

Ooh ... did I not mention this? Well I have! If you go ... far enough back into the archives.

If you go far enough back you will also discover that I stupidly turned down an offer of a PhD from a Peter Pasmore of Middlesex University to program the software to teach medical students how to perform KEYHOLE SURGERY!

Ooh, did I fail to mention that too?!

Check my archives, lmao!

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