Thursday, 16 June 2016


So then. Sebastian Coe was mixed up with the official at the centre of corruption within the IAAF?

I'm not surprised in the least.

It is also reported that he may have misled UK parliament?

Did they investigate that based on one of my posts? Because I stated that it was obvious he was talking bullshit in something I had seen and very easy to read his body language. Can't remember what it was now and just remember cringing at hearing him talking.

He was not in my good books due to his remarks about people that do not work as neither does he, not in my view, but gets paid more than five times your average working class person.

Fuck off, Coe!n You brain dead twat!

Good God how I dislike him. I imagine Steve Ovett is a big fan of mine as I'm sure I remember reading he didn't like him years ago? Might be my dodgy memory though?

If he is guilty of anything I hope to God they find out and do him! Ahem, I mean I hope he gets his just desserts, rather. Lmao!

I just had a thought about drugs in sport and how to stop it?!

What you do is give everyone in sport the same injection of the exact same drug! Lol, sound insane? Just bear with me ...

If you give them all the same drug that would react badly, make them fall unconscious would be funny, especially on the starting line, when mixed in someone's system with any other drugs?!

That way everyone is guaranteed to be on a level playing field! Ahem ... no pun intended.

Sebastian Coe helped to IAAF presidency by 'corrupt' official -

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