Thursday, 23 June 2016


Well I have just come back from voting and I voted 'out' I am afraid to say, for all those that wanted us to vote 'in'.

One person told me that out of all the people he knows, and he knows a darn site more people than I do currently as my friends have either died, ran way or I have just lost contact with, only one nephew is voting 'in'.

Now I obviously cannot speak for the others I know and that voted but I hope that the public across Europe do not take this personally. It is not about them but the morons and bureaucrats that run Europe. They started off badly and only ever got worse and could have done so much good but did not. None of them are capable nor worthy of running Europe.

I did some tussling and switching around of my choice on this one but due to what I have witnessed the last two decades and what I got back from requesting help from European groups and divulging facts has not helped and was only ever going to go one way.

For those across Europe that are disappointed I will say this …

I do not think that either the current government, largest opposition party nor the previous three were capable, fit nor worthy to run Britain. But they did … and I have paid for it over annd over again and if it has happened to me it has happened to others.

Only in recent times, and the latest yesterday, have I sat and listened to phone conversations between others who have run into things I first did twenty years ago.

I also had a visit from my sister for a couple of hours and she is expecting her first child too and is worried about it. She has worked for two decades too!

The previous situation I alluded to has a son who has just had a daughter who has lung problems, so we are talking newborn here. Left homeless by a council in Kent and then one Enfield Council, my favourite people. Nahh … I am kidding. They are all the same as I keep telling everyone. AT the very best you would go a long way to find a decent public service at all these days and the word 'service' should be stricken from their descriptions … FOR EVER!

Or at least until such a time that they do go back to being servants of the people and actually readopt the old attitudes long since lost.

I will also take this opportunity to say that I have something else going on in the background and something I have expected, slash, predicted for a very long time. I cannot disclose what this is about at this present moment in time.

But it has happened several months, or even a year or two, earlier than I expected and it has turned out to be that I feared the most. In the most horrid way.

As a result I have now unexpectedly ended up having to contact organisations, people and companies I quite simply never thought I would have to … long story and explaining why would let the proverbial cats go screaming out of their associated bags. And screaming cats are heavily involved in all this. Except one. That does not know what it has done wrong, lol.

So in time as I plan, contact, talk and work things out, though there is little to work out in all honesty, this will be gathered up, put to one side and posted about at a later stage.

Now this could be eight months … which when told was kind of a relief as I thought they were going to say two years!

It is extremely rare that I miss anything and that I do not miss I always plan for...though in all honesty I am going to dump this personal one onto the shoulders of others. Until late in the day when I will no doubt get dragged into it all and make my stand and revelations upon my soap box.

It is talk about knowing what has gone on, knowing what they have, knowing what they will say and having a completely unbeatable counter attack for each and everything they have.

Trust me when I say that I have never ever wanted to be involved in this one!

But I always thought I would get dragged into it … and that is very key to all this!

I have forged the proverbial batons and will pass them off to others to deal with.

Meanwhile I am sitting here feeling like a piece of Broccoli in a steam oven. The weather made fools of the weathermen for the umptee....ohhh what's the point?!

It has turned bloody warm and humid with it! I watched out my bedroom window as flashes of lightning were almost constantly going off, every few seconds for several periods.

It was a full gone conclusion that the news would be reporting torrential rain and flooding the following day and sure enough they did. In fact I am sure it is a major reason I was visited by my sister. She was trying to get somewhere to do with work and the traffic was a standstill for a very long time.

I can also state that without even talking about Europe my sister said she was voting to leave and everyone she knew was going to do the same.

I wonder if it will go how I first thought tomorrow and Mr Farage will be crying 'foul play'? I do not think I would blame him after seeing what I did in the reports and that people I know in very different types of situations are all stating everyone is voting to get out.

But if we do get and once once we are out I am going to be on the case of the government like a flash to make absolutely sure that those hundreds of millions a week go to areas that need it … like they can sort out the NHS, fire all top brass, without throwing money at it and the welfare state and stop kicking mental health patients and disabled people.

Oh and here is a weird one … cannot divulge the locations without divulging mine but …

I entered the Polling Station which was in the usual location and approached the first desk I saw. I handed them my card and they said “Oh, you have to go to the other one” so walked across to the other desk. Handed them my card, had the usual chitchat and funny comment, making them laugh and the man said “Oh we have had to open TWO stations” and I was thinking 'What having two desks was worth mentioning? God give me strength!' I then said “Blimey, THAT BAD? People feeling that strongly?” and we both chuckled. I made my mark, dropped it into the ballot box and left. Well over half way back from what has been my polling station for the last 9 years and suddenly I notice a little building 100 metres from my house, like a tiny church hall, and a sign saying 'Polling Station' and I stop, look and mutter “What the fuuuu....?!” About a fifth of the distance of my usual polling station! Good God. Why oh why was I not told to go there?! Useless country … see? I told you, just like Europe … run like shit. At least if we leave I can personally get at the ones responsible.

Maybe come back and try again in fifty years … I estimate it will be at least that amount of time before anyone actually learns anything and from their own mistakes too?!

So the further we get into 2016 the more interesting the rest of the year will turn out for me! Not financially though … though it might seem like that around the end of the summer? Not in the area I was alluding to in this post …. errr that is. Lol.

Maybe in other ways in early 2017 … maybe … unless I am made an offer out of the blue at some point … by someone. Somewhere. Not really expecting that, mind you and never crosses my mind.

Just something that will happen when it happens and if it happens.

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