Sunday, 12 June 2016


While perusing some horrific and bizarre news stories on an app I came across this while trying to get over the fifty murdered people in Orlando, Florida.

In this report it turns out that some German members of parliament are under Police protection after being threatened for stating that an attempted genocide was an ... umm ... well, attempted genocide.
Except it seems that in a certain part of the world they react badly, angrily and even in a murderous way when you point out what they did. Even when it was in the distant past!

I'm sure if western countries tried to say that we didn't do this and we didn't do that they would be the first in line to say that we did. Names and labels ... I mean ... words only mean what they state in a dictionary when they are used against someone else.

I find it very sad when much of the hate and anger Congress from such a small region of the globe. Does make you wonder if there is some chemicals in the drinking water supply?!

I don't know much about the history of Armenia Christians being murdered but when you try to take out an entire race well ... that's attempted genocide folks.

It's worrying when they don't hold yo their hands and say encouraging things like 'that was a dark period in our history, we are so not like that anymore!' When they react like they have done it does make you question whether they still have this intention buried away deep down in the psyche?
Like everything else time will no doubt tell in the most horrific way?

Eleven German MPs under police protection in 'genocide' row -

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