Sunday, 5 June 2016


For the risk of sounding like Victor Meldrew, something I was commonly joined about sounding like years ago, I don't believe it!

Now they are talking about setting up yet another body and spending over £3 Million of taxpayers money to do this?! Are they for real?!

I think that the government must have family members out of jobs and others leaving university with no job or career prospects?

Even in the report below it gives a statement by another health body I had recently been in contact with, the AvMA. Or rather bizarrely Action Against Medical Accidents. Don't ask me where the 'v' comes from as their isn't one in their entire title.

EDIT: Oooh it stands for Verses! Well ... THAT is misleading.

This new one is called the , Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, HSIB, to go along with ...


Am I forgetting anyone? You have NHS England being paid by your taxes as well all the Primary Care Trusts of which I think numbers in the dozens, if not the hundreds.

Hmm I'm sure I'm forgetting someone?

Of course if I go to them they will say I've left it too long, they start up in either August or Autumn ... something starting with 'A' I think? Lol!

I will of course tell them that i haven't, that I've gone through all the necessary channels and each have deliberately dragged their feet, the PHSO most of all, so that it would go beyond the Statute of Limitations.

How can the victim be punished for not acting for justice when the procedures to act upon injustices have been deliberately removed leaving no process behind?

I think that the £3.6 Million quoted is a conservative lie and it's also likely to cost that much again and again to run it on an annual basis?

Is this something to do with Europe or just proof that we cannot given ourselves without stupidity, greed and corruption being rife?

I wonder if anyone among the French public, Spanish public, Italian public, German public or any other members of public suspected or witnessed the things I have in their country?

Maybe even Russia?

Oddly I mentioned recently about becoming affiliated with certain ... groups in the combined aim to both expose and stop corruption and crimes?

Well I was contacted by someone and asked to join a group regarding something in history about the Jewish killing a hell of a lot of Christians?!

I was not familiar with this history but i was familiar with the name, despite it sounding Russian. The Bolsheviks.

Wow. Funny that is not mentioned much?

I am shocked that they would behave this way and it just shows that an animal like behaviour and attitude can be adopted by just about anyone. Once again in something to do with religion.

Religion. Always an excuse and always leads to hundreds of thousands of not millions of deaths by people that talk about deities that care and are loving?

It was Christians that were killed, apparently.

Well I am educated in computing science, batrachology, ichthyology, herpetology, wing chun, astronomy & astrophysics as well as interested in meteorology (how they get it wrong mostly), seismology, volcanology and oh yeah I know about Orchids too.

I do know some history ... oh OK mostly ancient history I admit.

Oops, EDIT: In other words I cannot be expected to know everything ... just most ... or a lot?! Lol!!

As for the group that asked me to join ... well mass killings and murder are exactly that and should not be conveniently forgotten about.

Everyone else in the world gets their past actions thrown in their faces, I'm sure you would find many Germans feed up with this?

If you try to cover up events in history such as this it can only really mean one thing...

You haven't changed a bit, still like this but secretly so and trying very hard to stop the test of the world from realising that you are.

Otherwise you would admit what your forefathers and predecessors did was wrong and apologise. Then explain how far removed you are from these old outdated attitudes and views.

Just had a little look and it seems they must have seen my views on the media and things missing from the news. They are convinced that the media is controlled globally and are talking about laws coming in to silence bloggers!!

MPs say new NHS safety organisation 'must be independent' -

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