Friday, 3 June 2016


I do not know about 'global' but as of right now I am experiencing what must be the coldest June I can ever remember?

Funny that not that long ago they were stating it was the warmest April on record. Funny that as I remember an April just a couple years back where I was riding around in a vest and shorts on my bike! Yesterday I went out with a thin jumper, a waistcoat and a thin coat.

I have to apologise ... it is all my fault, if your currently in the east of the UK. Because I purchased not one but TWO cameras and of course as is always the way the weather has turned to crap for days and days on end!

It is just funny how it always goes like that with me and being the scientist I wonder if I am actually picking up on something and misreading it?

Perhaps in future if I suddenly get the urge to buy a camera ... I should instead buy a damn boat?!

One of the two cameras I purchased two weeks ago has only been to one of the intended areas of use just once and another one not at all.

The other one I have had around ... hmmm ... six days has not even been used once! Looking out of the window I doubt it will be used today and the weekends I would not normally be able to find the peace and quiet to use it either. There is some hope for early next week but even then I need to spot the right situation where I could actually acquire something usable. Not that easy, believe me. I have to keep doing circuits and circuits and circuits and keep alert and spot something.

So a day of good weather here and there is a bloody nightmare!

All I keep thinking is 'please do not let the whole summer be like this?!' and 'please let the weather improve soon!'

*SIGH* if things had turned out different then this would not really be a problem. I wwould be able to go where the weather was perfect and everything there would be totally new as far as my blogs and YouTube channel was concerned.

As of right now, or the time  of typing, I am trying to get over the fact that a tracked parcel is being delivered and the Royal Mails idea of tracking is to say its been sent and to state that I have signed for it. Oh my fecking God! How useful is that? Just in case I forgot I signed for it and my Fibrofog confuses me I can check on-line and see that I have?!

All I hear is that everything is purchased on-line these days and shops are disappearing but other than the odd mad and wasteful research of stupidly sending out robots and drones with your packages ... nothing ever changes.

Very rarely are things despatched when they say they will despatch them, delivery takes far longer than they state, even for the higher paid forms, and when they turn up and provided the parcel has not been used as a football by morons you open up the package and find out immediately or up to a year that you got screwed as the item is refurbished and faulty. A bit like this £150 Roccat Ryos MK Pro keyboard I am typing on I purchased from PC World?! It adds an extra keystroke now and then, sometimes even TWO, and misses some now and then.

My next keyboard will not be a Roccat and it will NOT be sourced from PC World as like my camera I do not want to collapse in a tube station trying to get to Tottenham Court Road to make sure I get a brand new one that works!

All I am waiting for is two bottles of vape juice for my e-cigarettes to arrive, one a particularly big bottle for a good price, 120ml for £35, and another one for what they call 'dripping'.

The larger bottle is one someone asked me to smell recently as I am always moaning that of the top doughnut ones I have tried none are really any good, despite the prices they want for them.

I Luv Donuts, Donut Juices, Wick Liquor Carnival and a few others have all been OK to nice but not really amazing doughnut, not donut, flavours.

So I liked the smell of Loaded's Glazed Donuts and thought I would order a bottle. Thought it was some cheeeap brand but turns out it is by Ruthless to my susprise.

As many seem to have put the free delivery limits up from £20 to £40 I ordered something else that sounds really nice called Cloud Batter. Otherwise I would have to pay almost £5.00 for postage so might as well pay an extra £10 and get a decent amount of juice of another variety to try?

Still deliberating what to vote for where Europe is concerned. Wondering whether to even bother?

I seriously doubt that whether we remain or leave it will change anything for the better?

I am, however, more interested in later on if it turns out being reported on that people were being paid in politics to back this way or that way for money or privileges? Or both?

If wee stay in Europe and David Cameron gets some eastern Europe envoy position after he quits being Prime Minister I will shout my head off!

If we leave and Boris gets a East Anglia envoy position after he fails becoming Prime Minister I will ... umm, well laugh my head off! Lol.

Now where is this bloody first class signed for delivery I ordered two days ago?!

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