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Well I said I had been told something about a French riot or protest or something that had not only occurred but also had not appeared in the news.

Well it just so happens that it did and added to this it was a pretty big thing too?!

As it turns out there have been a number of these in Paris while I am sure they have been conducting their twentieth interview about the recently deceased boxer Muhammed Ali?

I find it utterly strange that when you get a large number of people strong enough to march or protest they do not take into consideration that you could add zeros to the numbers marching to those that agree with them.

Also bewildering is when the government is so obviously morally wrong, would not like it if they were on the receiving end of their crap, that they feel somehow God like? 

The number of people I get that are paid for by the British taxpayer that are God damn rude, patronizing and do fuck all but have this attitude like they are of a higher form of life, more important than mere mortals and that we should be giving them large salaries to do feck all and lie about it.

I just scratch my head.

There may have been a time when it might appeared prudent to keep certain secrets from the public but just like everything else, humans with amoral centres and nothing else will use these things, warp them about to their own ends and abuse it.

Abuse it, push it further, abuse it again and keep going.

Some other person, public office or private company sees this and says to themselves "Hey? They are doing it therefore so can we!"

Meaning that for all the high levels of self importance they are as brain dead as an amoeba.

Apologies to Amoebas everywhere! Lol!

I owuld wager that the dunce morons have the media blackout going on with the imminent European Championships as an excuse.

Yeah ... using that would be bloody hilarious. It is a protest, not a terrorist attack by three terror cells simultaneously!

As the very first commenter on that page states ...
those 'reforms' are only an extortion free pass for corporations and injustice in employment - Anna Szenfeld in the first link
That seems to be their ... beef in France right now.

Although ... I was told, maybe incorrectly, it was about the migrants.

Mind you even on this page it seems to be stating that there were indeed several protests and maybe, just maybe that this is not the one I was told about.

In any event it is a fucking complete disgrace and terrible abuse of power and positions to start ordering media blackouts.

It seems that not only are we not high enough forms of life to deserve being treated as equals, do not even get me started in what is seen as equal in the UK, but not important enough to be told the truth. Or know what is going on just a few hundred miles away?!

I have stated this before annd I will state it here and now for the umpteenth time ...

They said it in the news media themselves, though long since forgotten about, there is no going back to the way things were. That is it, the end.

Members of the public in more than one country and on very large scales know that they have been lied to, know that they are basically going to be turned into slaves and will not put up with it.

This number is growing.

What will happen is that people you might never expect will turn on each other. Moral and amoral and mostly those that are doing OK have this old attitude that in London for many years had a saying ...

I'm alright, Jack!

This is the same thing as a sinking boat and everyone throwing one person out and leaving them to drown. As long as they are OK they do not give a damn about anyone else.

This is not always the case but in time it will become obvious who is who.

When this starts to occur anything that someone believed that got rubbished down the win bar, cafe or pub suddenly looks plausible again.

People like that will always rubbish the things that people like me say and predict. After a while when your making perfect sense and the resistance to believe becomes obvious then you have someone who is amoral.

Sad that most that would believe what I state would likely be highly moral and normally poor. Sad that it works like that psychologically. Well ... most of the time.

I knew this a long, long time ago and so when I decided to start posting things on-line I did not want to quote things and then spend months gaining the proof, having people state I was either mad or a liar. No, no, no, this was never going to happen.

So I decided I had better have bloody mountains of things before I even started posting on blogs.

Hence that with well over 300,000 visits I have never been disagreed with and had proof put up by someone disagreeing with me. Because it cannot happen.

Despite the fact I knew that a great many things were corrupt when I started out ... I simply have to confess that the way it was corrupt and many of the things I uncovered and acquired evidence on simply shocked me on many occasions.

Falsifying test results and medical records has to be the most shocking of all.

Hearing from General Practitioners who were actually human at heart and not become like lawyers and cold actually admitting the NHS threatens them with de-registering if they do not fob off patients being second to those others.

The Police? Oh it was a long time ago when it passed that nothing would surprise me of them.

Local government were worse than the Police, though I was shocked they use the Police as hired thugs to deal with people complaining in Doctor's Surgeries.

Sometimes I like to think about percentages.

I wonder what percentage of the French public are pissed off? Half? Three quarters?

I am willing to bet it is somewhere between these two but what I wonder about is how fast this is growing and in the end what will the ratio of pissed off French there are to those that are doing OK and amoral?

What percentages does it have to be so ignite a real revolution?

How long before it reaches this point?

I was actually impressed with our ex Tory Prime Minister, John Major coming out and stating what everyone already knew, except both the politicians and the news media groups, in that everyone is being deceitful over the European Referendum.

Good for you Mr  Major. Honesty, I like it. How did he ever get voted out?! Lol.

I was categorically told by someone that we WILL leave Europe because everyone they have ever spoke to states that they are going to vote to leave the EU.

In my mind I think that everyone that has been hard done by in this country, like the poor, disabled and elderly should be asking that while we were shat upon where was the EU?

I am only worried that if we do leave does that then mean that the vulnerable and downright unlucky, through no fault of their own I might add, get treated better?

Now I find an article to do with French riot Police and some battle with migrants and oddly the comments are disabled on the page?

Link at the very bottom.

Is it me ... or does it appear that no matter where you look there is an absolute massive amount of abuse of both power and money going on? When I say money I really mean the people's money or that country's taxes.

Funny how you have all these credit companies that check on us, so you cannot do this and you cannot do that and issuing black marks against your name without asking why these things occurred?

Yet it seems like a whole string of governments has wasted more of their people's taxes that is ever calculable nor ever matched in the history of man.

As to the attitudes to some of the criminal element, probably 80%, trying to get to the UK they seem to be saying they should be allowed to go wherever they want, master race attitude, and when they get there because they then vie for the position of the  highest order of life form we are supposed to provide them with things. Houses, cars, money and everything else like mobile phones and all bills paid for. Because that is the PC thing to do.

This PC attitude is merely a lie because to do all the things they have done to look good they have attacked people with serious health problems, mental health problems, serious disabilities and the poor and lower working classes.

No? You do know the United Nations are investigating the British government and how they are treating disabled people, do you not?

Has it therefore crossed your mind,  or have now realised why, that  they may be trying to get out of Europe because of the investigation and can carry on treating the most vulnerable like crap?

I want to vote to leave but it has occurred to me that the British government might just treat these groups even worse than they do now? But then ... where has Europe been in all this?

They started letting child migrants in and the bleeding hearts agreed but no sooner then they got here the bleeding hearts started shouting and screaming about children being separated from their families and started petitions on to get the government to let the parents into the country!

Umm ... what was the point of agreeing and doing that in the first place with the children? Or did they just think "Oh this is good. We will get all the children in and then start all these petitions to then let all the parents in too!"

But  they have not left a country where their lives are in danger. Are they not attempting to leave France for the  UK? The moment they stepped onto European soil they were no longer in danger. They were just homeless now and from what I have witnessed all my life the homeless in London  and other cities no one gives a flying fuck about. So why change now?

It is about giving out the right appearance and you get a step up the ladder of power and might even get your face on TV and manage a career. Even if it is a very short one. After that, because crappy TV is oh so everything, you will got a job on a newspaper, magazine or somewhere because ... hell, you have been on TV!

They look for  biggest and saddest story they can find because it will get them coverage, it is that simple.

Funny as I have written for over three years about two lives that  were so terrible that no one believed it,thought no one could live or survive all that, collapsed in floods of tears and shocked to their very cores.

You know I did think that one day I would come home, even posted this on here in the early days, and find my front garden filled with tabloids reporters camping out to intercept me as I returned home?

Never happened.

Despite the fact that Jeremy Kyle's production team stated twice that our story was far too graphic and horrid for their show!

So where are the reporters?

Did anyone accidentally let the words "Media Blackout" slip through their lips? Lol.

You look for answers and all you find are most questions.

Anonymous HQ seem to be reporting it... I do not know if this is Anonymous that we here about or whether or not here aren't dozens of copycat groups calling themselves by the same name to get visitors, hits and the like?

Telegraph Reports on French riot Police battling Migrants in Calais ...

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