Saturday, 18 June 2016


I was sent an email via to do with the late and sad death about Jo Cox MP and her charities.

For once and had I not being ripped off by big IT firms for the last four years would have become involved myself. What with the DWP about to kick me in the nether regions once again too.

So then the least I can do is make others aware of this drive to help the charities she was involved in, and just hope that these are proper charities and helping those they claim to. Not some greedy fat cat executives at the top?!

Let us hope that this may cause people to stop and rethink their policies? Rethink how people are thinking and feeling and do an about face before things get worse.

Sad that it takes someone's unfortunate death for those that are in power to take notice, even though it is also close to home so to speak!

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