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Funny using they word 'plagiarism'.

I think it was either suspicion I did this for my degrees thesis bit couldn't be proven I got stabbed in the back by Middlesex University. Either that or my turning down an offer of a PhD. The latter decision one I've regretted every single day of the last decade.

They wanted something I created. That happened and does happen a lot, not so much these days when it could be financially rewarding! Lol!

So then what about today?

Well earlier on I looked after a store for ten minutes and in front of me there laid today's Daily Star tabloid. But what is that I spy on the cover? A pencil?!

Oh look? They are reporting that everyone is suspicious because they are using pencils for the polling stations?! A crazy report in the pages about a representative of UKIP giving out pens outside a polling station who got themselves ... umm ... arrested?!

How very, very weird.

Only ... sorry everyone that was staring this or suspicious of this but yet again ... I called it!
At the last general election ... I think it was I spotted the user of pencils, found it very weird and easy to abuse and reported it ... right here on the pages of this very blog. The very day I voted last time!
At the time when I posted about this very curious use of pencils I also messaged family and friends and asked them what was in offer to them when they voted. I had around a dozen people state pencils and one saying felt tip pen.

Sorry that's ... just wrong!

Added to this is me hearing of people changing their minds while in polling stations and being refused another voting slip?! As far as I'm concerned provided you have not placed it in the ballot box then the changing of someone's mind up until that moment is perfectly acceptable.

Oddly enough if this was the rules set out by anyone that was in the 'remain' camp this may have cost them dearly?

Also I've had a flick through the BBC NEWS app and I can tell you there is something very odd going on.

While I was chatting with one mate who simply couldn't believe we had voted out he showed me some news headlines from the Internet. It seems that other European countries may be following suit before very long?

Different reports stated that the Netherlands, France and then Austria are all calling for their own referendums over Europe and even the note obvious nicknames of Frexit, Nexit, and Auxit were used.

I did state something was odd? Well ... I kind of expected reports of this on the BBC and if you look at the bottom of this blog ... umm no links. I cannot find a single news report about France, the Netherlands or Austria calling for their own referendums.

That was just from someone flashing their phone screen at me and I dare say that there may be other countries doing the same?! Greece?

How about Estonia, probably not a member? What if they was to call for a referendum? Will it be known as .. umm .. Exit?! Lol!

Sorry, of they aren't a member I couldn't think of a European country starting with 'E' that would make that joke work. Hmm there is Spain ... in Spanish of course as it starts with an 'E'. But not sure everyone would understand it as well.

I have also realised throughout the morning that there is going to be a lot of rumblings over this referendum that will continue for years.

It will also be my duty to watch them and if the monetary benefits they claimed about don't come, or indeed get injected into areas that already have money, are run very badly so it's wasted or given to companies or fat cats running anything then I will be down the neck of those responsible. While clutching some TNT. Lol!

For now we have a two year wait.

Couldn't believe the bad losers outside Boris Johnson's house booing him. Terrible attitude, no respect for the majority of the English and Welsh people asking with those in Scotland and Northern Ireland that voted to leave. Disrespectful.

A perfect example of large groups of people that don't really want anyone having freedom of speech and choice as long as it fits in with their own!

Disgusting people. Selfish people. Probably the ones responding, morons that work for public officers like local councils that caused this bloody mess over the last twenty years.

Sorry. But you just plenty of time to change. But no ... everyone had to fit into your version and views of things. Blown up in your faces now has it not?

If your one of the idiots that have either received letters, emails or documents from me ripping crap out of you, of their colleagues that showed you my wild rants ... I don't look so stupid note do I?

Let me guess that your reeling with shock, remembering my correspondences, claims and predictions and then struggling to remember the address of my blog and then ... ahhh, there you are!


I told you what would happen in the end ... yeah but earlier than I expected I'll be honest and thought it would be at the next general ejection. The last one made me realise that people obviously haven't suffered enough or for long enough.

Suddenly and around a year after that and boom!

A member of my family is not going to like that we voted out of that Nigel Farage fit what he wanted. Because we disagreed and I told her in no uncertain terms that the writing is on the wall on this one.

There was one thing I looked for in the last general election I didn't get but got very early signs in this one that I got. I got it first off inside my polling station. There was going to be bloody big turnouts!
I wonder why they didn't do this the last election but then we probably would have ended up with Nick Clegg again? Good job they didn't do it when Gordon Brown was running! Didn't trust him. I did early on in his career but then realised later how driven he was and had let the banks get away with murder! Oh no doubt they assured him it's OK they know what they are doing? Yeah ... well we know how that turned out don't we?

They were probably ... no they were and are still doing it and no Prime Minister in modern times will be remembered in a good light unless they pull up those trousers and stand up.

There is, trust me, only one way you can pull to your trousers and stand up. I will be watching over the next couple of years to see that you do exactly that.

If your looking and wondering? Well you had better dig around my archives to look up what it is that has to be done.

Or alternatively ... listen to what they said to politicians in this referendum as it almost amounts to the same thing.

Clocks ticking softly but before long it's volume will increase. Don't let it get too loud, will you?

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