Sunday, 12 June 2016


Well my dear God one of the deluded incompetent evil and Satanic morons belonging to the group suffering from way of the chart delusions of grandeur had done it again!

In what must be one of the worst, if not the worst, some moron claiming to be religious and belonging to the well known nut job group, or just being their fool guy, Islamic State has murdered several dozen people in satanic like cold blood in Orlando, Florida in the United States of America.

I said it before and I said it again, in the most widely believed idea of foolish deities you have a God and a Devil.

Now take a guess at which one of the two this kind of handy work belongs to? It can only ever possibly be one of the two opposing beings unless your completely barking mad crazy. Oh wait?!

Perhaps they think that both God and the Devil are just two murderous morons with one lot justified and the other not? Still stark raving bonkers crazy.

I really despise these people and I have stated it before and started it again they are doing the work of Satan. Even though ... Satan does not exist, don't even try making that Devil's trick line, only an imagined and cruel sounding figure of the Devil could concoct such barbaric and evil actions.

Good they shot him dead. Now if they can just work on the rest and send them all to the same place? The fiery pits of hell!

As usual the BBC do a series of tasteless things like do a top ten of murderous mass killings and ask everyone for pictures and videos.

Evil doesn't only lurk in the Islamic State and other radical Muslims but resides in a great many places. Funny thing is there are a few local Jehovah's Witnesses that would agree fully with that their away line. I imagine a huge number of others likely would agree also?

Those poor people and I feel extremely sorry for those left behind that cared about them too! God only knows what they must be going through?!

Orlando gay nightclub shooting 'an act of terror and hate' -

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