Saturday, 4 June 2016


For the very first time ... EVER I have had a public service ... lol, sorry i always laugh at the word 'service', and had a request that an email be removed from my blog!

Odd as I never thought it would come from them, more likely the Police or the NHS. The request came via email, only just see it, and it sounds like they just discovered it.

But they were looking!

I wonder who it was that told them?

So someone somewhere had said something and this is the most animated the PHSO have been since I first went to them two while years ago!

I've had three separate GP's since I contacted them!

Also it is, or should be, apparent to everyone that the PHSO have taken almost the same amount of time that is given by law for the Statute of Limitation for legal proceedings for a legal case such as this!

What does that tell you about both their efficiency and their professionalism? Pretty bad things, that is what.

You might not that I'm more or less blackmailed the email? They are stating that if I don't remove the email they will not work on the case they have not worked upon in the two years since I first complained?

Obviously they think I'm a complete idiot and a brain dead sucker.

Remove it? Umm no!

Instead here is the email I mentioned they sent me and my response.

Remember this is your taxes at work ... ahem, sorry these are your taxes being paid to do nothing, help guide the truth and drag things on beyond the Statute Of Limitations which in this instance is the years.

Which only applies to private individuals, I might add, and not big organisations not corporations.


Dear Mr Haswell, it has come to our notice that you have posted an email from us to you on your blog site at: We would be grateful if you would remove it.

The legislation surrounding our work requires us to investigate in private and we may not be able to correspond with you further unless you remove our correspondence from your site.

Thank you.

Best wishes

Sara Wilcox
Head of Digital Communications
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
T: 0300 061 3924 or 07479510949

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Dear Sara Wilcox
First off you have not investigated a damn thing and I came to you 2 years ago.

In that time you did nothing and when I contacted you recently your organisation knew nothing about me or my case. You want even aware the name of the person I was in correspondence with.

I'm afraid that your request just shows that you have something to hide. I, however, do not.

Also your making a request to someone who contacted you with the belief that you would do nothing. Someone, I might add, that if you checked more of my blog, stated this from the outset in each and every public service I ever dealt with, including you.

So your request is somewhat puzzling.

I might also tell you that no less than five local councils, two Police Forces, the DWP, the NHS and many others with all their associated ombudsman are all aware of my blog. A phonecall from the NHS to a previous GP fit my removed from their registry.

Hardly a big deal as I knew they had lied to me several times already.

Two GP's previous to that one admitted to me the tricks the NHS pulls on GP Surgeries and that got me wondering what in the hell all these governing bodies and ombudsman are doing?

You all have me your answers.

Despite every single public body I investigated, which I'm will within my rights to do, you are the only one that had had the balls to request that something be removed.

I must admit that I always knew someone would request something removed, even threatened with being taken to court. I didn't expect it to be you.

Would this have something to do with the fact your name suggests your linked to parliament and the government thinks it can do whatever the hell out wants?

Martin Haswell BSc

EDIT ...

I now see I got an email from them some days back telling me that I've not sent them enough stuff.
Funny as they found my blog and there is more than enough on here!

Dear Mr Heswell

We sent you an email on 12 May 2016 asking for further information in relation to your complaint, in order to assess your complaint fully.

When we receive a complaint, we need to check that it is ready for us. Part of this is checking that the organisation has had an opportunity to respond to all of the issues you raised with them. This is called local resolution. If local resolution has not been completed we are unable to look at your complaint further at that time.

We note that to date, we have not received the required information. We have checked through the correspondence received from yourself, and note there is insufficient specific information for us to be able to proceed with the assessment at this time. If you are able to provide the information requested, including copies of the final responses from the organisations you wish to complain about, we will be able to assess your complaint for you.

This does not mean that we are not willing to look at your complaint. If once local resolution has been completed, if you remain dissatisfied with the final response, you can ask us to look at your complaint at this time.

Yours sincerely

Casework Assessment Team
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
T: 0345 015 4033

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