Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Well I decided to put another one up.

Going to do this in monthly intervals.

OK then ... this time the DWP and all its associates of which there were at least two others which includes both Atos and ICE.

Bet you never heard of that last one? Just as well.

So it has long beene eestablished that I was in receipt of Disability Living Allowance for three years when they stopped it, illegally.

My conditions had got progressively worse though I was also having trouble getting any Doctors or hospitals to recognise my condition and diagnose it.

I later realised they were not only quite deliberately not diagnosing it but when I myself successfully diagnosed what I suffered from that because of two drugs I was given they had already known about it for at least two years!

Remember that this is your tax money they are wasting and this is their odea of saving money while THEY still get paid their salaries that YOU pay for!

Here is a time when I tried to get my DLA back which I was without for 8 years ...

Yeah but I bet a largee number of you visiting will be saying "Yes, but WHAT do you have an Atos?"?

Well then ... let us get to it!

Now before studying ... please note ...

Out my front door you turn left to a narrow garden path. About 50 feet you reach a gate and no road. You leave the gate and turn right along another path, very narrow and still no road for about 80 to 100 feet. Then your next to some steel communal bins.

No bin can get down the path. No one has bins outside their doors. That path is not the only path to my house and there are three.

Therefore everything they state in their letters are nothing more than lies easily proved by one of them by simply visiting my house.

I had them by the short things then and I laid into them like you would not believe.

Also after dealing with them several times over the 8 years I was without DLA I then asked for the medical records they repeatedly stated had nothing on it that qualified me as disabled. There was on record and I did get DLA previously for 3 years so it was enough for them then!

The medical records they held on me they stated were not there. They burned them, that is why I asked for them.

A week later they paid £4,500 into my account.

How about accidents that occur?

I do not mention them unless they were really bad.

I do not take pictures of absolutely everything ... so this is just some ...

Here is the infamous right knee that was later diagnosed at Guy's Hospital while diagnosing my Fibromyalgia Syndrome the symptoms of which I have been telling the DWP and every one else about for around 14 years!

The knee Diagnosis that subsequently disappeared, just like my left side Inguinal Hernia  ..

I was always on about my locking right foot middle toe?

I also mentioned it had a strange joint that no other toe has ...

I stated previously that I got on with a GP called Dr Huq? I also mentioned that she was the one that admitted to me about the NHS tying GP's hands behind their backs? Do not send anyone off for anything that will be expensive. MRI, CATS expensive drugs or treatments.

This letter below is here because the DWP lied about her ... but that did not make her give up being a GP and announcing retirement with immediate affect. 

She took my X-Rays with her.

She also is the GP that got my X-Rays and then quit...

How about the emails where I contacted them so many times, the DWP, complaining?

Some of the secretly recorded audio I am always talking about and published some recently on the Ultimate NHS Breakdown over two parts? OK then ...

Damn it! Waiting for two audio recordings to upload and on is 1.9GB! Dog gone it!


A row at the Job Centre? Or six? ...

OK OK maybe seven. This will not be all that I have on this post ... like the NHS ULTIMATE BREAKDOWN it is simply more than enough.

How about when you take a complaint as far as you go, with the PHSO being the last line?

Before the PHSO you have to go through ICE, the Indepedant Complaints Examiner, .. except there email address is logged as being on the DWP's server so  ice@dwp.gov.uk, for instance?

NEVER have I seen that before ...

How about some secretly recorded phone-calls I am always mentioning but I bet everyone thinks I do not have? OK then ...

I said that I told the MP Nick DeBois that I had contacted him previously and he had not helped and pointed out that the Conservative Party did not find out what Atos were up to and that I did and that Atos were only doing what they were told by the NHS and they were acting on what they were told by government...

That was just two of the many MP letters I have to more than one MP ...

Just like I have lots of correspondence with the Citizen's Advice Bureau who were clueless and did not help when I was attacked and robbed for £4,500 by bailiffs for a £500 parking fine ...

I then turned to the Citizen's Advice Bureau who apparently had heard of me and were sarcastic about thee fact that I had already contacted the Enfield CAB Office over whatever issue I contacted them about, there were many and just like in this instance the id fuck all ...

I even went all the way to a tribunal who got it wrong ... appealed ... was warned at the tribunal that if I continue I could lose money?!

Fucking funnily enough I did and they started taking money from my benefits without warning me until I got a late letter telling me I had to pay them back £750 in overpayments ...

So they got it wrong yet again ... each tribunal is made up of three people ... s solicitor, a GP and someone else...

This was because I did not have the diagnosis that I found out later the NHS already knew about!


Lies from NHS and everyone else gets to bend you over a barrel without any clothing!

Ergo the second they owed me £45,000!!


How about when I applied for PIPs and it took a whole year, they said no, they said according to medical records ... I asked for medical records and they mysteriously vanished?

I called it, confronted them with evidence of corruption and burning of faked, altered medical records from General Practitioners ... got a phone-call next morning from PIPs 9am.

A week later £4,500 of the £45,000 they owed me appeared in my bank and I was awarded PIPs ate £50 per weel lower than I got previously...but wait... they said in thee media and on the news it would not change and make things fairer?

At least that is what Iain Duncan-Smythe was told to say ... buy by WHO?!

PIPs ...

Oh yeah and I went through EDA, DIAP (Goid knows where their files are, and Victim Support ...

When I was lower than low ...

Fire them all and simply have a web page stating in very large font ...


Hmm what to publish next?
There is still the whole Bailiffs thing.
There is still the Police fiasco.
There is still all those numerous ombudsmen.
But there is the little matter of the Home Office and UK Border Control, yes I think I may do that next?

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