Monday, 2 May 2016


Just as a update and confirmation os something I pretty much knew anyway ...

Here is an email from a health group from right here in Enfield.

They stated that the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman, or PHSO, is the last stop in complaints regarding the NHS.

As you may or may not be aware I chased down this particular avenue and got nowhere and then one time I cattle ... no not 'cattle prodded' them, I have not done this just yet. The last time I prodded them they claimed to have no knowledge of my complaints nor details of it.

Not very professional is it and it is on this basis that my 'cattle prod' still lays by my side.

They also stated that they would have suggested the AvMA, Action Against Medical Accidents, who they stated I had already informed them I had contacted.

So then I can state  with a matter of fact that the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman have wasted so much time that solicitors are now unwilling to take on my case against the NHS.

Though I must admit at the point that several of them are having a re-think or re-reviewing my case details based on three points I had completely forgotten.

Plus the PHSO are kind of still ... dealing with it ... documents on this as well as the other facts regarding this complaint can be found at the following links ...

Anyway, in the meantime and purely as am information only exercise here is the email from HealthWatch Enfield ... errr, ... yup, lol Health Watch Enfield.

Dear Mr Haswell,

My sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I was on sick leave. Unfortunately the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman’s is the last stop when making a complaint about the NHS and its services, I would have suggested Avma, but you have already been in contact with them. I believe you may have exhausted all the options available to you unless as you are able to find a medical malpractice  solicitor  to take on your case.

I’m sorry we are unable to help you further, but we do hope you will be able to resolve these medical issue you are currently facing.

Kind Regards

Michelle Malwah
Information & Signposting Officer

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