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I've not kept abreast of the DWP of late ... will I do have disabilities, sirens must days crawling back to the house with shopping and try to run fourteen, yup count 'em, blogs and a YouTube channel.
I'm not Superman you know. Wish I was though!

This BBC report once again linked below, states that Universal Credit v is veering off track. 

Whatever that means? It's not good though.

Do you remember who said over the years ago that neither Universal Credit or Personal Independent Payments wouldn't work?

Do you remember who it was that stated loud and clear that the benefits they were to replace would not phase out when the government said they would?

Do you recall who it was that stated they were absolutely certain that it would end up costing them money?

It was me!

All of the benefit departments were supposed to disappear, probably about six of them, to be replaced by just two. While doing this they were going to get rid of disabled people as a group they were obligated to help. Because they can perform in the Olympics Paralympics games so we're therefore fit. Even the word 'disabled' was disappearing from their vocabulary!

But what had happened?

Years later and they have been running not one but two disability benefit departments. They intended to be left with only two and you have two handling disabled people without even looking at any other benefits.

So Universal Credit had gone the same way and I'm guessing that Income Support, Incapacity Benefit (definitely still exists), Employment Support Allowance, Jobseeker's Allowance, Child Tax Credits and any others I have forgotten are almost note being run alongside Universal Credit?

That's eight listed here when two to three years ago there was supposed to be only two!

Again I'm going to go about mentioning the water of money along with reminding that the welfare state bill is dwarfed by the amount of money the country owes.

The private rents and house prices are way, way too high because it's far too easy for non nationals to get in on every single tier of the housing market, including social housing. That's Dryden the prices and tents beyond anything anyone can afford. Even those is well paid jobs note can't rent!

I will give you a clue to who is to blame and it doesn't matter which as they are indistinguishable from each other.

The consecutive fucked governments of the last fifteen years!

Tony Blair fucked it up, in more ways than one I might add, to begging with and David Cameron is continuing to fuck it up.

The next Prime Minister will fuck it up and it will always be the last government's fault!

Cheese Louise!

They moan they don't get paid enough and look at what they do?!

I've done more than them in the last three and a half years and I've done it for free!!

For free.

That's one simple little facet of everything I do that in the end will act like the proverbial silver bullet! 

There are others. Lol!

How much longer?

They have been in and working on this welfare reform for five years. They are still in power, cannot think when the ejection was, and that is another year? Two years?

So six or seven years in power? Not enough time to change things?

Well something is seriously wrong with the way things are designed and governed.

Prime Ministers and their governments are inept at reigning in, or don't because their mates/chumley-warners, large companies like telecoms, fuel companies and retail chains. Other things they can't it won't change because it takes too long?! Are you serious?

A government might only be in power for five years. If they want to change something it realistically needs to be able to change in half the term time.

If you cannot change big companies, large public services then your job is null and void.

You've not handled the health service well at all since you have been in power, nor did your predecessors!

I am walking, talking, taping and document possessing proof of all that and more.

So anyone hazard a guess at whether or not they will achieve their badly designed plans for the welfare state before they are voted out of power at the next election?

Will they make excuses that ten years want enough time?

I started 'badly designed' and I did state this as obvious when they announced their plans. It's also stated as such in the BBC report below.

Quite how no one spotted this way back when I did I'm scratching my head wondering how.

The same is true of the recession I knew was coming 4.8 years before it officially started. There was a family row involving a house same over the upcoming recession.

Don't worry, everyone said I was mad. They certainly don't anymore and haven't done fit several years. I get asked what I think will happen in lots of different areas.

Being right and being able to see these things you might think I think is good and night even think I boast about it? I'd forgive you and tell you your wrong. Sorry, right again, lol.

It's a damn curse is what it really is!

Oh and in case you missed it I have mountains of evidence of the corruption, lies and tricks that the DWP & Atos, week be exactly same thing with Capita despite apologies it's all planned, to con and chest the British public and sick, disabled and dying people out of money!

I recently did a two part post with a couple dozen links to my Doctor's and Hospitals telling me lies about departments, my ailments, existence of drugs and even admitting they falsified test results all in tape. It's accompanied by Doctors letters, records and other things going back twenty years.

It's inconvertible.

I gathered then together for solicitors. I then realised I had spoken a lot about my evidence but not posted anything in week over a year. That I could now post the most significant, but by no means all, evidence on the NHS. In one of two places in close proximity.

So I did.

I show a few screenshots in another post just after the NHS ones showing my files, again only in part but looks a lot, on the Police, Local Councils, Ombudsman and a shed load of unsorted recordings all being something or other.

But I totally forgot about the DWP along with Bailiffs.

Yup, I really have been involved in just about everything along with having evidence on corruption ... well, on everything!

As I stated previously I didn't expect it but everywhere I looked I came across corruption. Based on lies, deception, little tricks they thought no one would cotton on to.

I then discovered it was going on in five or six of the biggest electrical retail chains in Britain!

As Comet went years ago and not included they are not one of them!

Oddly I can honestly say that I think Comet were shafted because I never found the same issue with them I did with the others I have evidence on. Selling refurbished goods that were not actually refurbished at all as brand new goods.


So along with those I mentioned in a previous post getting their own evidence in all one place posts, the DWP, Atos, Bailiffs and Debt Companies all week get their own over the next few months.

One at a time and slowly, to let it slowly sink in with the readers as well as doing it as each grows the number of weekly and monthly visitors then a given number will see each one in a period of time that gets shorter with each post.

Meaning that in the exact same amount of time, say the first month after posting, each public service's evidence will get seen by an ever bigger number of people.

Right now I might be getting 15,000 per month, as an example, but by the time the last one is posted I might be attracting 30,000 people each month? Maybe more, maybe less?

Double oops!

That's how blogs with folks which is why they say you have to blog for five years to get anywhere.
I found a blog about God and the New Testament and that had blogged for 4.5 years to reach the first 100,000.

I reached that number one year sooner than ... God! Lol! I'm doing pretty good to beat God! Was quite a surprising eye opener if I'm honest. I would have lost a bet on that one!

Universal Credit veering off track, Resolution Foundation says -

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