Thursday, 5 May 2016


Well would you look at that?

A Police Press Officer has come out and told news reporters that she was ordered to spin the news reports regarding the Police in the Hillsborough disaster inquest?

Now I have spent an inordinate amount of time, more than a lot lol, explaining that even with my evidence against most of the big public services and private retail companies, that no one bays an eyelid!

In the beginning this kind of ... knocked me sideways. I simply couldn't understand how no one really panicked at what I had. Whether it was the NHS, Police ( yup they will be up soon like the NHS recently was), local councils and even ask the Ombudsman and help organisations.

I tell them what I have and suddenly you get a view of a desert landscape with only wind and the cry of an eagle from up on high! Nothing!

Well here is the Police still carrying on and getting to to the exact same tricks that got them to this point in the first place!

Ask yourself both why and more importantly how they can still behave like this?

Could it possibly be that they no damn well that as there is no Legal Aid anymore, country full of Ombudsman that don't do anything or have in their pockets and useless personal injury solicitors and help and advice agencies?

There is only one reason you behave with this amount of confidence and arrogance. Because no one ever does fuck all, they got rid of legal help for the poor and low paid and as is so sadly and to often the case, humans take advantage 99% of the time.

Because evil and amoral people are in these organisations when it should be decent, honest people.
How much longer before the British public actually catch on to what is really going on/wrong and start raising their voices demanding change?

Few more months?

A few more years?

Decades?! Lol!

If you still doubt how widespread it is you have not been here long enough or add I said previously, looked far enough into my archives.

But don't worry. I recently published two posts regarding the NHS and a load of evidence. I will post up each other public service and a few private companies in turn over the next couple of months. 

Once I've collected enough significant evidence for each collectively in one place.

Hillsborough inquests: South Yorkshire police 'spin' evidence -

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