Friday, 13 May 2016


The always say that dreams have meanings.

Normally they are a world away from that we actually dream about.

Deaths mean births and so on and so forth.

Last night I had a dream that was not unexpected but had unexpected parts to it.

Yesterday was odd, sleep wise, and I do not know if that played a part in me having this dream in the first place. I had shot around to a friends store to pick up some things to bring home before leaving on my bike a second time in search of wildlife. Ooh the videos ...

Right! They are uploading! Almost forgot ... again.

Anyway I did not get far on my mountain bike as it felt a bit cool and there was a wind. So back to the house and go by bus.

I did not get anywhere near where I had originally planned nor use my secret weapon I had wanted to try for a couple of years, but kept, are you getting it by now? Forgetting.

So when I got home I decided to watch a film, when I should have uploaded the videos. The next thing I knew at the end of the film I was feeling very sleepy. The next thing I knew it was about midnight!

I thought I would be up all night but after keeping myself busy with a few things I was soon asleep once again.

The next thing I knew I was sitting in a empty cafe that had closed down. It was in a nice off the road kind of place and it was all old town houses. To the side of the cafe was a door and I had some family members and their partners present and I was showing them this house. The door was narrow to get in and I pointed out that getting sofas, fridges and big televisions in the house was going to be a problem. They did not look impressed.

Immediately inside it looked like a flat. Living room, dining room and a big bedroom. There was a long staircase that every so often levelled out and because of this there as a huge storage area under the stairs.

I then proceeded up the stairs which unusually led to another area which was a full blown house with an upstairs, downstairs and some pretty impressive rooms!

I then walked the puzzled looks and faces around before reaching another set of stairs and a platform running across the very high ceiling. We traversed up the stairs before it turned right and onto the platform and at the end there were three doors. The look and style to this third section looked as different to the last one as that had done to the first. First a homely looking flat, then a more regal type of largee town house section to an older style looking like it was all built in the thirties.

There was a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

I am now remembering I had the keys and control of the property.

This was because legally they could not rent the sections individually as it was all in one and the rent prices was not attracting anyone. The manager of the letting agency nearby was a friend of mine in the dream. He had known what I had been working on, the blogs, for some time and thought that with my ideas and planning I could actually do something constructive with the property that would benefit the local area and kind of put it on the map, so to speak.

I remember meeting another couple that were more middle class that were interested in the property but did not have the vision to do it and the costs were steeper than they had wanted. We had become friendly and were chatting and it turned out the husband was a court judge, later turning up from work for an invite to dinner and I could see from his attire he was wearing a judges robes and the tie area was telling.

I also remember explaining I could use the top area for my hobbies that have become my work and renting out the bottom flat but to someone I know and could trust.

It was very surreal and I had a warm feeling of being in that kind of position and one I have longed to have in my real life.

There were other things that occurred in the dream but it is all a bit foggy.

Some will give meanings totally unrelated to that dreamed about, some will say its what you secretly long for while others might even dare to say it was some kind of subconscious premonition.

I certainly hope it is the latter.


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