Monday, 2 May 2016


You know it has been a long time that I have alluded and insinuated without actually posting anything on here?

I blab on now and then at how I have over 100GB and how I lost count many, many months, or more accurately years, ago the evidence I possess tipped over that figure?

Well I was planning on a series of things, the first part I just posted up, when I came across some choice files and folders in a search.

So I started sending short-cuts to them to my PC's desktop screen with the diea of collecting them all into their own area specific folders.

I would have to do a more thorough search at a later point before I post up any further parts in the series.

As I was doing it I suddenly had this idea of how cool it might be, or that you might think of it, if I posted up the screenshots?!

Now remember this was just a quick search for something else and I just made some screenshots of a work in progress type thing.

Also I have something around 7 to 10 devices that record and some with 16GB of memory in them and there will likely be recordings on them that I have not uploaded to my PC, if not all of them!

I would hazard a guess that just one of these devices has in excess of 10GB of recorded data and none of it has ever been posted.

So if you are interested in ...

  • Police Corruption
  • Local Council Corruption
  • Ombudsman Corruption
You might want to wet your appetites by getting a sneak preview?

Those three are not all and some of my other involvements are in these shots, like that little organisation that ends in a '5' and has an 'm' at the start with an 'i' in the middle?

Oh and GCHQ, lol!

There is also a screenshot involving some stuff that never got sorted and I literally do not know what are on them ... remember I have a bad memory!! Medical fact! Called Fibrofog, a symptom of Fibromyalgia and I have already posted a lot but not all on the NHS refusals and lies about my health

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