Wednesday, 11 May 2016


In my phone at least… or rather, at the other end of it.

Stupidity knows no bounds.

Wonder what I'm talking about? A certain phonecall I had from O2 and when I explained just some of what was said to two friends who are both O2 customers they were shocked … well while laughing at the same time.

Why the rang me is because I bought a cheap O2 phone months ago but not put any credit on it in ages.

I bought it because it was a cheap Windows phone and I wanted to see what living with one was like. Not bad, not bad at all except for one very important thing. There are no Blogger or WordPress apps which are a big thumbs down for me. I found out just yesterday there is also no Nikon app to control my Nikon shutter release. You would think that a company as big as Microsoft might have done something about the stop shortage by now? Unless they have on Windows Mobile 10 and not on my version of 8?

Still I'd need to have all three of those on Windows and I would jump ship from Android in a heartbeat if it did.

Android is the least smoothest, least stable and most annoying version of a Linux system that's ever been created.

But it's successful?! Go figure. From a company famous for an almost completely blank webpage with a childish name and one text field for entering … umm, text! Double go figure!

They must have dealt with the devil to get where they are?

Anyway onto O2 …

“Sir, I have a good deal for you. For £15.50 each month we do a 1GB package but I have a chance to offer you 2GB per month, but I don't have many to give away!”

I know! Right?

“Right let's get this clear. I have a degree in software engineering and build my own PC’s so I understand this stuff. What phone do I get?”

“There is no phone, sir. What will happen is after 3 months you speak to O2 and they might give you a phone. It's about building up a relationship of trust, sir!”

Might?! Trust?! A mobile telecoms company?! I know, right!

“Yeah, that's not a very good deal mate and I've just spent £700 on photographic equipment and not buying a phone and I'm not going to go on ‘MIGHT give you a phone’. I get a better deal with what I have now.”

“What deal is that, sir?” Oh now your asking for it sunshine, you've already shown you don't listen as well as shown you think I'm an idiot!

“Well I get UNLIMITED DATA on Three fit £25 per month.”

“No, you can't, sir!” So not only am I an idiot, I'm a big fucking idiot and a big fat liar to boot?! “No one gives you unlimited data”

I then say “Oh yes they do, I'm with Three Mobile” which to be fair I'm also not happy with as they have told me better faces lies.

“No it's not unlimited, sir…” getting mightily fed up with the ‘sirs’ now “... They limit you to 4GB …” still double what the wanker is offering me the moron “... and when you reach 4GB they show it right down out stop it”

Got you!

“Oh, really? Would you like me to tell you the size of the file I downloaded the other night?”

“Yes, sir”

“12GB” I told him “ one night so tour not being honest are you? Now do you remember talking earlier about building an element of trust? You want me to sign up for direct debit for ‘x’ amount each month with no phone, no incentive and on a tiny data download limit …”

“Goodbye sir”


I've said it over and over and over again. These companies worth billions think that they personally and corporately can do and day what they like while cheating their customers and don't give a shit these days who knows about it. But you, with a millionth of the money, maybe in a tight spot financially and all the excuses to be dishonest … maybe, are not allowed to be any of these things out you go to jail or get a black mark on your credit scoring.

Meaning you can't borrow a £1,000 to buy crap of them they paid £100 for that's a faulty pile of crap you then post them interest on?!

Oh boohoo!

Si tout can't borrow money or get something you want and then get ripped off for?

That's how effing mad the UK has become.

I didn't get the chance to tell him I had three effing phones in the house! Four of you count the landline one not used anymore. I did get the chance to tell him that none of the telecoms companies are fair and none offer all the things I need.

I didn't get a chance to tell him how they also cheat and want to be paid four times over, and good they expect to get away with it, for the same effing data.

A downloaded data amount is a data amount, it does not matter a jot which device it is on or how many devices it's spread over. It would not be hard to download it all on one device and then transfer it all later across several devices. It would just be a major pain in the arse. Try to download it to your phone, tablet, laptop and PC and possibly console too and they want a £15 fee for each one.


All because you got too greedy to quick, like everyone else, and now the Internet has come along you don't know how to downsize … so won't and rip off your customers instead.

These morons get paid salaries of hundreds of thousands to even millions to think up these moronic ideas. Then when it won't work they go to the government to get the cash they couldn't steal directly from you?! Lol!

Hmm note that in thinking about it i wonder how many other countries have had telecoms companies do the same thing before the people of that country started to realise?

That's the thing though isn't it? These morons never ever stop to think for one second that someone, somewhere might actually work it out. Then they fail to think of the one thing that comes into play when someone's does realise their being ripped off. What if it that don't think about?

Why the very thing they tried, or succeeded for so long, to rip you off over … the Internet!


You really cannot make this shit up, you really can't!

I was with O2 when they were still Cellnet and was with them nine whole years. Then they tried to rip me off.

I got the first Internet smartphone, something iPhone fanboys like to pretend didn't exist, called the XDA. A windows phone.

Free internet!

Two months later I get a bill for £1,000 plus!

Turns out the few internet icons weren't labeled and didn't work and they didn't even recognised their own internet number. Heated argument for an hour and they kept insisting I was singing this mobile number. I kept telling them I didn't know if and it wasn't in my contact list! They insisted it was when it dawned on my and I said “Umm, this isn't your Internet number is it?” followed by silence for twenty seconds or more before they said “Oh, yeah … it is!”

Still wanted me to pay.

I told them to fuck off!

They broke the terms of the agreement. They didn't label the icons, i had literally two GSM and two WAP icons that were identical and I couldn't understand why.

Yet they successfully screwed up my credit scoring for the next the years desire the fact they broke laws and had no morals. Year later I was thankful they did because it turned out soon the crap they sold you on higher purchase was just that.



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