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So yeah it turns out that Atos has not gone after all, I was lied to by the media, politicians and specifically Nick DeBois MP for Enfield North.

Oh well, there is a surprise!

So I got a call from a woman at Capita saying "THIS AINT US!!!" and told me it was Atos ... so your taxes are paying for not ONE but TWO organisations where staff can get paid £900 for each and every single day?!


So I typed out another email and sent it to the ever present and seemingly invincibly evil Atos.

I had a few stern words plus I have filled them in the the parts that they did not know!

When I was awarded this they claimed they had no medical records, which meant Atos did not either, despite turning me down several times over 8 years while I tried to get my DLA re-instated before I was forced to apply for PIPs.

Therefore I only told them that Fibromyalgia Syndrome had been diagnosed.

There is also the fact that ... CRAP! I forgot Osteopenia! As I was saying there is also the fact that several other things have emerged since then plus my Fibromyalgia has become worse.

I cannot think of a better way to highlight what lying corrupt creeps all of these people are, including everyone at the DWP?

Because I have the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and it getting worse, the damaged right knee, the high blood pressure combined with vastly dropping blood pressure from Postural Hypertension and of course there is the back condition and the fact I have bled a lot and stomach cramps like you would not believe and for fourteen hours from what I think is Diverticulitis?

Have I forgotten anything?

Back, Neck, Knee, Fibro, Diverticulitis, High BP, Postural Hypotension oh and the Inguinal Hernia as ever present oesophagitis and hiatus hernia!

DAMN! Forgot the nausea thing!


Anyway and for the record here is the email to Atos, for those wanting a giggle ...


Dear Sirs

It seems that I have sent an email to the wrong company and it seems I was misled by your demise, oddly one time by MP Nick DeBois to my face!

Why have you sent me a letter for an arrangement to be assessed?

I was granted PIPs only a little over a year ago, it gets assessed every three years, or is this even more of the widening of goal posts?!

Also you know only too well that YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO VISIT ME!!


Or have you been lacking the ability to read your own files?!

Are you so intent on having your conveyer belt going of kicking everyone off disability, sorry PIPs, with a boot at the top kicking people in the nether regions that you ignore the nationwide panning you have been getting from the public?

Or do you not give a toss about the British public’s opinion even though they now know?

I say this because you just send out a letter to someone who now has a registered illness that gets progressively worse and did not even think to check that anything else had occurred in the meantime.

The last time I dealt with you and you lied through your teeth repeatedly with convenient memories things were a little ... different to how they are now! Or did the DWP forget to pint that out?

I know what is on GP letters and I know these get burned when someone asks for them.

Do you know how I know this? Because when IU called the DWP at doing this, they rang me the next morning and without any medial details on me at all paid me £4,500 exactly ten days later. Would you like to see the bank statement?!

Well ... things have changed, I bet they did not tell you that either?!

I self diagnosed myself quite successfully and then manipulated some GP’s and Doctors trying to prevent me from getting a diagnosis and I got not one but TWO diagnosis. Count them! To add to my others.

Since then I have had THREE MORE!!

So on medical record and have mountains of proof I will just go through the list with you ... just so you know ...

·         FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME (over 100 symptoms)        @ Guy’s Hospital I have told DWP about for 14 years!!

·         COLLAPSED VERTBRAE NECK AND THORACIC          @ Chripractors have X-Rays

·         DAMAGED RIGHT KNEE                                                     @ Guy’s Hospital

·         DIVERTICULITIS (about to go to hospital for)                      Going to Chase Farm Hospital

·         HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE of over 170 & 180

·         POSTURAL HYPOTENSION                                             @ GP causes me to pass out while standing (with High BP BAD!)

·         OESOPHAGITIS (You already Knew)

·         HIATUS HERNIA (You already knew!)

·         INGUINAL HERNIA (have hospital lying and stating I did not have this on TAPE!!)

Or what, did no one tell you? The DWP fail to mention this did they? Just like they failed to mention they paid me £4,500?! A years back payment when they owed me more like 8 years back payment?!

I am REALLY looking forward to hearing from you again and as you can see I am overjoyed that I have?

Gives me more data for my blogs I guess ... or did they not tell you about my blogs either? Because I know that they know as when you get a GP ask you to turn off any recording devices, three years into it you idiot, then you know someone HIGH UP has picked up the phone!

I would like to add that this did not stop me and I did not turn off the recording device. He, however and to his loss, thought that I had, then got cocky and rabbited on arguing for an hour talking utter tripe while I recorded him.

He found out that I did and that I put in on my blog and they kicked me off their register. Second time I was kicked off as I found out that they knew damn well I had Fibromyalgia and that they had known for at least two years before I diagnosed it!

So dying to see what you have to say now! Come on then?

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

Martin Haswell BSc

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