Monday, 2 May 2016


Another report to get another obvious fact that this blog had pointed towards and shown evidence of for nearly four years.

Late again, news media groups!

The lifespans of the rich and the poor are widening and it's the first time it happened since the 1870's.. No that is correct ... Eighteen Seventies!

I don't know what period they measured in the modern era but I can tell you from my own research alone it's going to rocket.

My father and Uncle didn't make it to their pensionable ages.

Despite my best efforts I don't think I will either and for the same reasons and same complications, or similar?

From what I've seen many, many people possibly in their millions have been told there is nothing wrong when there is in fact something.

It's difficult to prove your GP or the NHS knew you had the health problem that you or a loved one has that died as a result of it.

Think about it.

Think about why this gap is now widening.

It's absolutely no surprise to me and had I known that someone out there actually measured this gap I would have predicted this would occur for years ago on the Internet.

Yet more reports that ties in to what I've posted about for four years.

This has happened many dozens of times in the last three years plus and will continue to happen fit the next couple of years.

Soon I'm going to get people leaving comments saying ..

"Hang on?! I just saw this in the news/tabloids and did a search but this blog days it posted it last week/month/year or two?!"

Not everyone looks at the date and I should on many pages but forget to look. Often I've didn't ten minutes reading something before thinking 'hang on? I read about this months ago' look up and see it's several months old or even a year or more. That's a long time in the tech and IT world, trust me!

Lifespan gap 'widening between rich and poor' -

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