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Well this little letter about disability assessment just gets stranger and stranger.

I had en email from Atos yesterday who were quick to tell me that they had already contacted the DWP with their report and gave the dates. I had assumed they had realised they had made a mistake and sent something back to the DWP. Until I looked at the dates they contacted the DWP which was over a year previous?!


In other words ... it was not them!

Do you know what this means?

It means that there are now, and I should state at this point 'minimum', of three, count them, three organisations assessing disabled people!

Now as a taxpayer ... just stop and think about that for a moment.

  • Only a small percentage of the populace are disabled
  • A large percentage of those are incurable and progressive
  • Everyone has a Doctor I have proved a large percentage lie
  • First port of call ... ask for a Doctors letter
So why are there no less than three organisations set up to assess disabled people when all you need is a Doctor? A genuine Doctor who is not a liar nor an idiot. Well that is if your an assessor organisation that is not asking Doctors to provide fake documents or having someone else get them to do this for you?

Also do not forget it was already reported in the news media what seems like a bloody long time ago that these assessors are getting paid £900 per day!

So on the letter it states the 'Centre For Health And Disability Assessments'.

Now I had one person try to make excuses for why this is happening like 'Oh maybe noww they have changed it they assess you once a year'? *GROAN*

People simply do not think before opening the flood gates.

  • Incurable & Progressive condition
  • It's not a YEAR, it is in fact around 16 months
Just two off the top of my head but here is another two ...

  • Yet again why ask a disabled person to travel several miles and ...
  • Why not ask your Doctor first or request a Doctors letter?!
If they suddenly out of the blue ask you to go a long way you know there are corrupt, dishonest and up to no good before the traps are even open. They asked someone I know to go to Chelmsford from Hackney! I told them not to bother but they were sure they would get it. They didn't.

The Russians are only one level below us in their remarks about disabled people.

I would rather have been gassed to death by the Nazis when my condition was first realised than go through all this shit, pain, nausea, passing out, sickness irritable symptoms lack of sleep and everything else that comes with the crap I have to live with every single day of the rest of my life.

Oh before I post the link to the contacts page for them here is an interesting letter whereby an investigation by the United Nations, no less, into the way that the disabled people are treated by the UK in The Guardian newspaper! Now recall I said recently I have had flashbacks to 1939? DO not ask me why, lol

Oooh a report does not come out until NEXT YEAR? Hey, UN?! Save more taxpayers money, I already did it!

I am sending them an email about my blogs! Done! It says on their site 'It's your world' which is funny as my world is pretty crap! Lol.

I decided to contact the UNITED NATIONS no less, a different department providing more detail and see what I get from them?

I am sure I contacted a body in Europe to do with Human Right? But it was a long time ago now and may have even been before I started blogging. I simply do not remember.

So I did a little Google search and I found this website and email address ...

Now I have sent them an email and I am getting somewhat annoyed that I was faced with putting details about myself that could be a security threat into t third successive email to contact them about one fecking letter!

So I didn't ...


Dear Sirs

Firstly who are you? 

I have rather surprisingly been sent an appointment letter for an assessment that is so obviously another ploy to cheat me and others out of help and support for disability, please do not insult my intelligence over this...

I have already contacted Capita and ripped them a new one, only they phoned me and told me the letter was nothing to do with them and I would have to contact Atos?!

Atos who I thought were gone, through my own endeavours no less, as they said in the media they had gone and Nick DeBois MP told me to my face that ‘they’, the Tory Party, found out what they were up to and ‘got rid of them’. Until I pointed out who I was, what I have done and what I was currently doing. That was around a year ago.

So you can imagine that the very idea of shaking up the welfare system to save money and be fairer is nothing of the kind as it is based on cheating, lies and on top of that I then find out that there are not one but TWO organisations paid for by the British taxpayer with many employees, not Doctors or struck off Doctors ergo NOT Doctors, being paid £900 per day, was a bloody shock!

But then I get an email from Atos stating “It was not use that sent you the letter”?

So now reeling from the possibility that there are now THREE organisations I have found your website and asking you.

When you find my details, as I am getting a little worried about sending my national insurance number out to a whole stream of untrustworthy organisations, please note that if you want to assess me you need to visit my home to do so.



Dear Sirs

I really am tired of writing this stuff over and over again. Now I am contacting you after reading about an investigation about the way that the UK is treating disabled people due to welfare cuts.

I am afraid to say I have already done this job for you.

It is also far worse than the title of your investigation suggests.

  • The NHS get Doctors to lie on medical records
  • The safety net is the letters are burned if asked for by victim or legal people
  • This allows NHS, DWP and Local Councils to save money
  • They falsify test results
  • Falsify medical notes
  • Know what you actually have wrong with you for at least two years without telling you!

Now I would suggest at this point you are looking at this in disbelief?

Probably thinking, if your actually an genuine organisation and not as corrupt as those I have dealt with, it cannot possibly be true?

That I am crazy or suffering with mental health issues, well not according to the NHS themselves but ...

Not only can I prove everything I say with 100GB plus of data, including many dozens of secretly recorded audio, but I have published enough of it on my blogs to make it not only incontrovertible but out of 330,000 visitors I have had in only 3.7 years I have not had one single comment about being wrong or being mad.

I have had many comments of thanks from many and even one from a man of the cloth!

I have two blogs, one backing up the other in case I got closed down by the British government ...

  • (or as both work)

Also what is most troubling is the state of human rights in the UK and the British justice system.

I have been through every process imaginable and contacted everyone imaginable.

From News networks to Ombudsman personal injury organisations and solicitors direct. Not one has been interested but fell prey to a little trick of mine because I 100% of those I have been in contact with have been corrupt.

They failed to do a single thing but most importantly I believe they are all faked to fool the public into thinking their is a safety net because ...

·         Not a single organisation anywhere has asked me to send them the EVIDENCE
·         I never told any of them about the blogs

Have I provided plenty of food for thought to keep you fed for the next 12 months or so before you get around to finish your investigations?

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

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