Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I had an amazing conversation today.

Truth be told I was in pain, in a rush and those things combined make me talk fast, something some should have picked up on but never have.

I shot out the door after the conversation so fast that I had left my wallet on their shop counter ... something they completely missed when I returned twenty minutes later to retrieve it!

I had a conversation with a guy I had never met, but he knew the guy in the London Vape Co store I was in, called Kav'. We had a conversation involving the keyboard I am now typing on, the one it replaced, my Nikon Coolpix P900, which blew them away lol, my previous Nikon L810, my two Nikon P610's and his Nikon D7100 SLR.

I told him about the blurry photos, the bent keyboard and that I got them from Argos and PC World and before I could explain why they were like this he looked at my friend behind the counter and said "Do you know why?" and I became intrigued as he then look at me and I said "Go on..." and he said "..they are refurbs!" and I was totally stunned and this was not even the best bit.

He knew exactly what a Corsair Vengeance keyboard was and when I said it had a bend in the aluminium plate base right above the volume rocker switch his mouth dropped open. He listened as I explained the row as I had via email and over the phone. I then told him about the NHS and this blog!

He then looked at Kav' behind the counter and he said "Do you know the only place you can be sure your getting brand new stuff?" and I became even more intrigued than I was before 'Am I dreaming?' I thought to myself and then pointed at him with a smile and said "GO ON..." and he replied ...

John Lewis!

I laughed then looked at Kav' and pointed at this guy and said "Your mate here knows his stuff!"

Want to know something else? That was not the best bit either!

Now those that would be full of themselves would want to hear one particular thing at this point when I already wanted the opposite and I had it!

The best bit was that HE NEVER GOT THIS FROM EITHER ME, we never met before, OR MY BLOG!

To know that I was NOT the only one to have spotted all this is going on was something of a comfort and so a very good thing to hear!

I also knew that as I was talking I was not going to get the usual looks like I am mad from people that did not have the intelligence to understand what I was saying or had not worked it out for themselves in or in total denial because they would feel incompetent that they had not worked this out for themselves.

I guess it would be tough for someone to accept that for anywhere between five and fifteen years 75% or more of the stuff you had bought was actually ... well crap!

I know because I only realised about 6 years ago and I later found out it had been going on prior to the Guardian newspaper reporting it in 2003 ish, about PC World at any rate.

So I was an idiot too!


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