Friday, 13 May 2016


Those poor Russian people ... even the deluded Russian people. What an idiot they have as a leader, not to mention highly likely a criminal?

President Putin, are you a complete idiot?

Why is it that when a missile sight opens you then become vocal? You then say "oh don't worry about a threat, we will neutralise it!"

Oh? Going to defend America now are you?

Note the sensible thing would have been to approach the Americans and sign a deal that in the event of the appearance of any threat towards any country in your immediate vicinity you will then deal with it?

No, you love going on TV or to the media and whinging like a spoilt child looking for attention!
Why else would you wait until, not the eleventh hour but the thirteenth hour before opening that trap of yours and starting utter rubbish.

Trust me I don't like the American's attitudes and reasons either as they only concern themselves with their own goals and are not interested in aiding anyone except themselves and their own wealthy elite.

I don't think those missile sites are for anyone else but themselves. They are a front line defence for something that they can deal with long before it becomes a threat to them.

After all, has anyone thought about the possibility that when these intercept missiles have hit a nuclear missile overhead that said nuclear missile then comes down on to that country?

So a nuclear missile intended for America gets knocked out the sky over Romania and could therefore potentially come down over Eastern Europe and decimate the city or larger area over potentially anywhere in eastern Europe? Or further afield?

No, they haven't is the short answer.

Hit a nuclear missile with another missile?

Yeah, something tells me that if this ever occurs it's simply not going to end well. Not for the people directly beneath any missile on missile intercept!

It was never a good idea and obviously those agreeing to the Americans were doing it for selfish reasons or money to help their country? My guess anyway and was obvious upon hearing they very first plans for these intended missile launch pads in Europe.

You would think that with the whole of Europe working together that we could come to with our own defences?

If not then why not?

Putin says Russia will 'neutralise threats' after US opens missile base -

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