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If anything untoward was going on regarding the legal case then those involved would have to be complete idiots if they did not think I had several back up plans, just in case.

I always have back up plans and often my back up plans have themselves … back up plans.

Now I never heard any more last night and was told there would be a phone call today, but as the solicitors secretary phoned my 'partner in crime' around 9.30pm last night, God only knows when this will come?

I hope it does because for the last 20 years they put us both through was not enough a very uncomfortable and very long weekend is about to hit and that is provided they ring next Tuesday?

Also I have been giving things more thought, due to the owner of the law firm being the exact same man in the exact case from 20 years earlier involving the same individual. Yeah I am still getting over that as is the person directly involved in the case.

Oddly two people I mentioned it too failed to bat so much of an eyelid over this. But then if my suspicions on thought processes are correct, and they normally are, this only lends towards proving my theory correct anyway. Still. No matter.

I have given out some instructions today to get the ball rolling on my back up plans.

The fact that they forced a change in the legal case also means it opens up doors to what I can say and what I can do. Never a good idea, that one.

Provided nothing goes wrong then nothing will happen … but if it is to go wrong and when it goes wrong then at least two plans will be put into motion.

I say two because … well there is another option I am betting will come to present itself to us over the next week. Good God, to think I was now convinced I would finally be able to make my travel plans this coming week?! These people are infuriating and are now proving my previous theories on them, long since posted on here, to be correct. An example … or a clue …

I am very interested in finding out about the money regarding the entire case. You see there are five courts, I am now told over 30 court appearances in total, the law firm or its creditors and the Supreme Court that need to be paid. So my question?

The exact dates and amounts when each of these gets paid.

Then compare them to what has happened to us.

If there is a difference in either I am willing to bet here and now which way it will lean in both regards. This leaning will prove yet again the attitudes and slanted and twisted views of these people. I will inevitably ask them why these discrepancies exist?

After all the lives of two people have been destroyed by all this and they were in the process of destroying the lives of children too. They are there to uphold and represent the law which exists to make sure things are both moral and fair.

In the years of the every increasing attitudes of holier than thou I believe this has become lost. I also am angry that this does not even occur to these people even when you point it out. Well either it does not occur, which means they are the wrong people to work in and represent the law, or they do not care. Hm. In which case the same thing applies as regards being capable of representing the law.

This also has another detrimental affect that I cannot help but wonder if the actions of closing the law firm down has something very big to do with?

The law firm also wanted to speak to me.


Now in the case that nothing is going on, no cover up is now in place and things get transferred to another solicitor, in which case cheques and paperwork get handed over by a new law firm to my 'partner in crime' … they will not be familiar with the case and not even think about speaking to me … possibly?

This is what I am currently convinced of.

Unless of course another route has been taken and there is always other routes on offer to reach the same destination. At least one but the possibility of a second one is the one, one would hope for.

So today I am about on my bike to get some much needed exercise in and wondering along with waiting about the phone-call that should come today. With any luck.

Even my 'partner in crime' told me they had wondered whether or not this was some sort of cover up that I was worried about and could not believe the timing of this occuring. Though a lot earlier could have been disastrous.

It will also be interesting to see that if they mention the fact to the law firms ex staff that I not only know the owner of the firm but he was directly involved, via me directly last time around, twenty years ago when this all went wrong the first time around?

Of course it could also turn out that he recognised both our names and this is why they offered to take the case on and pay all the legal bills?

Or it could have been that the case could have saved the law firm from going under?

Or the Supreme Court recognised his name from the very early files within the local council files and discovered he had done something wrong?

Or he knew the firm was going under and fled with clients money and sunning himself on a beach in Brazil?

As you can see there are many possibilities and even the phone-call today might not explain fully what has transpired. Hopefully it will and the worst that will happen is an extension of a few days to receiving the damages? Fingers crossed.

Or this could end up being the one thing I feared? That despite hoping everything goes according to plan and justice is finally done but instead turns out that I had set off a number of things in motion that will reveal that everything in the UK is corrupt along with the legal and British Justice system right up to the very top of the pack? This would of course turn out to be the biggest coup I uncovered but which is the one thing I hoped and mentioned that I would not uncover!

It would also be the sixth time, I remembered one today regarding The Accident Group, I was involved with a case that started off looking fantastic but fell flat on its face. Over a twenty hear period too!

All this remains to be seen and we are told we were to be informed today, I presume that they are expecting to tell us which firm will now ask us in for the final time to tell us the Supreme Court's decisions? This is the part that is most bizarre in all this! One single and final meeting telling us what the Supreme Court decided and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority step in and close the practice down with literally 8 days left in a case that has lasted 3 years or more?!

What are the chances?

This happening on the exact same day that a Police Officer walks into a friends store and knows both my name, face and the fact that I would be there. Even today my two friends asked me if they asked my name or just said my name. They asked … but asked me and no one else in the store of which there were three other people.

This is the thing I find highly suspicious. Cannot it be merely coincidence that these two very bizarre things happen out of the blue and on the exact same day?!

I simply cannot remember the last time I posted about something as bizarre as either of these two things. Well over a year I am sure of it. So two on the exact same day? Bearing in mind it is the Police Force that have also been found guilty on our court case along with a local council. These public services have all been found guilty of and reported on many a time to have been helping each other out. The Police and organisations like the NHS and local councils and of course the DWP are all in there too. The NHS help out the DWP and local councils, what I refer to as the evil trinity, and when anything goes wrong along come the Police to knowingly falsely accuse members of the public who realise they are breaking the law and are helped out. Of course NO Legal Aid helps loads with this too.

Summing up?

No legal rights for over half the populace at the very least and added to this an massive abuse of human rights too!

I cannot even tell many people I know of this yet because the non-believers and those hugely envious/jealous will only say “Oh I told you neither of you will get anything!” to which I will reply “Oh you know how it all works and how the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, The Law Society and the Supreme Court all works and you KNEW the law firm would go bust, did fucking you!”

Of course they would become hostile over this without even thinking that first off that has not been said yet, secondly that this is true they do not know how any of this works and thirdly … I am the only one with EXPERIENCE in all this in a lot more ways than just working as a PA to a solicitor!

No they would not consider that they would be 'asking for it' nor how annoying their comments would be. So I wont tell them.

Well I did say I have no one anymore that I can confide in and talk to!


Sod it ... they cannot and are not allowed to act as legal representatives any longer so I may as well mention the closure of the practice by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, provide the webpage for it as it is in the public domain anyway and allow anyone who visits here to check the name on the SRA article about their decision and compare that to documents that have resided on here for many years I have kept since 1995.

The practice is, or at least was, called 174 Law, terrible name I know, and the owner is listed as Mark Cottrill.

As I stated those that are more inquisitive can search back in my archives and will find several documents under the law firm name of Bell, Lamb & Joynson and find documents signed by this solicitor.

Both my 'partner in crime' and I are both in shock at this link. For three years 174 Law was used and yet this name that links the two cases twenty years apart escaped my attention ... and that of the law firm.

The question is ... did something get discovered by the Supreme Court, as those original case documents would be in the 1500 page council file, who spotted something and acted to close down the law firm?

Very, very weird coincidence.

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