Saturday, 15 August 2015


Well I am not going to say much here other than ...

Remember I was told by Virgin Media I owed

1st) Nothing and next bill 3rd August

2nd) Owe £30.13 and next bill on 9th August

3rd) Owe anopther £15.00 (24 hours later) next bill due on 12th August and would be £70 and I then paid over so that the next bill would be £40?

Forgetting the awful broadband I have had in 3 months and the fact that Virgin Media have sold my Virgin Media landline number off to a number of companies ....

Take a look at the figure they have just emailed me ...

Anyone care to hazard a guess at where the extra £50 has come from?

Or that they will then add another £10 late fee to make it £60?!

With the £30 I already paid that makes my basic package broadband and phone bill £90 per month!!

Well they can fuck off, you can imagine how I will respond now to the response of my letter of complaint? Harshly!

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