Sunday, 9 August 2015


Of these there are a lot. A hell of a lot.

More of these are coming soon. Very soon.

Today I am going to ask one of these ultimate questions ...

How do these large companies get away with their deeply dishonest, cash grabs and trickery for an ultimately crap service? How??

This is about Virgin Media yet again and I have not even posted up all of the recordings yet where they give me three different figures for how much I owe them (£0, £30.13, £45.13) and the three different dates for when the next bill is due (3rd August, 9th August and the 12th August).

Remember these charge you a late fee of £10.

Also remember that they state that the installation fee is £25.00 and then later bill you another £25.00 stating only then that it is £50 for the installation.

Let us forget the fact that the quoted £27.99 per month suddenly jumped to £32.50 odd per month and that this is a figure I have never once been charged on my bill.

Yes let us forget the fact that my very first bill was £88 and also forget the fact that I have since paid them £60, £30.13, £15.00 and then £35 that I remember and I owe them £40 for the latest bill. Yes today is the 9th August 2015 but the last conversation I was told the 12th August 2015.

I will have to make a request to my bank for a statement only including those to Virgin Media and post them on here. I am sure I am a payment missing from the ones above? Sure of it.

Oh and let us forget the fact that they failed to inform me that they shut off my Internet as soon as the bill date arrives, in which I would have told them to fuck off! Or that I only made three calls to my daughters mobile.

Oh yeah and let us forget the fact that it is plainly obvious that they have sold me ex-directory number off to God knows how many companies as I never put it on-line and did not even give it to my family and friends! Yes you heard that correctly, the only way that these marketing and sales companies could have gotten my Virgin Media land-line number is from my daughter (err no) or Virgin Media!

However I am not going to forget the fact, because you have not been informed of this yet, that my daughter signed up with them too, got the free Virgin to Virgin calls (to her Dad obviously) and has ended up with the exact same high bills as me, which they took via direct debit and left her overdrawn twice!

She also then cancelled her bill (which you will find hilarious come Sept-Oct) and had a go at them and told them they obviously do this to everyone. She just ended up overdrawn once again, guess who paid, because they charged her for cancellation and another bill and just took it!!

I think it is time that Direct Debit is outlawed. Yes they managed to behave and only take what they quoted but now these companies, along with banks, think they can just change figures and take whatever they want and with no warning whatsoever?!

On and that reminds me ... neither one of us got bills!!

Now I have all that out of the way I will tell you what it is that I do want to talk about...

My connection has been on and off several times each and every day which has forced downloads, movies, YouTube to fail ... time after effing time!

I know what two friends of mine, both PREVIOUS customers (if you can call them 'customers' that is) of Virgin Media are going to tell me.

I knew it could be bad ... but this ... this is ridiculous!!

Oh I digress. I apologies.

My Internet connection with Virgin Media has been on and off several times each and every day for the last 10 days!

So let us just summarise the first 3 months of a Virgin Media connection ...

1 Fine for the 14 day cancellation period.

2 Then slows down from 32mb/s to 5.99 mb/s at its fastest and 0.99 upload

3 After weeks of slow and then off completely I phone up one day and they tell me my Internet is not down because of an overdue bill, it is down because they are both fixing it and improving it. Sure enough it came back on and tested at around 47mb/s. That was only couple weeks back.

4 After only a week or two of the improved connection it starts going on and off daily and persists ... remember they both fixed and improved it?

5 Within 3 days of having the phone I did not want I start getting calls from marketing firms...every single one refuses to tell me where they got my ex-directory number except one incompetent idiot that states they dial at random?! So cagey, evasive and incompetent and they call you because they and their firm wants your money?! LMAO! To this day no one in my family or circle of friends has my ex-directory land-line number. But in three months I have had dozens of phone calls and answering machine messages.

In the screenshot below you will notice that the bottom most red arrow points to an asterix next to a radio icon in the system tray of Windows 10. The asterix means no Internet connection at all.

This was on for most of the time I was typing this but now I note that it has vanished ... so I must have the Internet back on. Now for how long? Lol..

Oh crap! I also forgot that their website is screwed and has a serious flaw where I could neither get into my Virgin Media account, retrieve my password or create a new account (as my email did not and did exist respectively). No one understood what I told them either on the phone or in a letter and an email about this and kept telling me to click retrieve password. Turned out the guy in the store wrote my email address down wrong. Quite how then it stated that someone with my email address had an account, the spelt correctly email, lol?

No, no, no, what it is I forgot and I also need to scan the letter and put it up is that my account got closed down, so I now cannot pay them via the Internet ... AGAIN, because someone tried to hack into my account with my email address?!

Well OK there are three household name candidates I have been in contact with (two groups and one that would like to find me) which are all on here. Quite what they thought they would find from my account I do not know. Only one of the three could even slightly interested in money and would be far more interested in finding my location.

If it is this third group and they do find me ... trust me when I state that every visitor I have ever had plus mostly everyone else that has not found me will find out about this via the media.

It wont be pleasant for them and they are a group I simply would not hold back for and would have it coming their way and fully deserving of whatever they get. As extreme as it is highly likely to be.

The other two groups are not interested money. Both of these ... groups are interested in bad people doing bad deeds, or at least one of them is and the other one is supposed to be but I have had serious doubts for the last four years.

I have written for one and asked to work, twice now, for the other.

Of course this could be just a blanket breach of their systems and my information was among a load of others? But they have not said that.

Screenshot ...

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