Thursday, 27 August 2015


Something bizarre has happened today.

More than this, this took place right in front of two friends who were taken aback a little from after they left.

See if you can work this out?

I enter a friends store for the first time in four days. Around ten minutes later two people walked in and one I recognised as one of those Community Officer types everyone calls the plastic Police. I was considering a joke and asking “You have not come in here for me, have you?”

I decided against this when the one I have never met before says “Are YOU Martin?”

Now I am all confused at this point and simply say “Err … YES.”

Then I asked “Umm HOW did you know I would be in here?”

He replies “I'm a Police Officer that is what I do.”


Except only a handful of people know that I spend time in there, one of those was local and he did several years back. The other moved to the North East of England several years ago.

I only know one person locally and they would not approach them and would not know we were … acquainted anyway.

Now I am thinking what in the world did they search me out for when I then realise that the bald one is in fact a fully fledge Policeman. As opposed to those Community Enforcement Officer type thingamajigs. He then states what he was there for …

It was regarding that fracas in Ordnance Road in involving people getting knocked out cold on a level crossing by a overweight guy looking eastern European or possibly Russian.

Now let us get a few things straight before I mention two classic lines this Policeman came out with to add to the “I'm a Policeman, that is what I do”, when really this is DETECTIVES and not many capable of finding me.

First off this was the first time I was in this store since last Saturday. Yet he had not been in asking about me. Secondly, and as I had to point out to the shop owners, I did not tell them or anyone for that matter where you can find me. This had the owners very confused. In fact the only local man was in and said nothing about the Police looking for me, but they do not know we are acquainted anyway. The point of pointing out the four days was that when I explained the fracas to the owner of the store it was not last Saturday. In fact in was a bloody lot longer ago than that! The store owner said “But you told me about that a couple of weeks ago?!” to which I replied “Yes … and due to my memory problems I kept forgetting to tell you about it and was about a week before I remembered!”

Shocking? My daughter also heard about this that day and she was on the phone to me when it was all happening. She said “God, its taken them that long?”
It gets better.

The Policeman asked me “Did the Police turn up?”

Did … the … Police … turn … UP?!

Is he serious? Not only had I emailed them but like I stated to them in the email I was one of at the very least THREE people that contacted the Police. I spoke to two women both on their mobile phones and asked them if they were on the phone to the Police? They both said “yes”.

He also stated he “..could not make head nor tail of my email”... what the same email I posted on my blog?! LMAO!

Now we are onto he subject of this blog …

Right here is where they likely discovered my hanging around the local pet store. That is to say that they must have gleaned it from here and with the only other possibility being my YouTube videos.


Well think about this then …

That would have taken some rifling through a great many posts to discover this and I have not mentioned the pet shop in recent months, that I recall anyway.

I had to ask myself if there was a list available with some very key details about me? If so then why was it created? Same reason they rifled through the blog in the first place I guess?

As I stated to the owners of the store who were still confused and intrigued as to how he knew I would be in their store … I said “I told you didn't I? I have pissed off a great many people and organisations due to this blog! It is the only way they found out where I sometimes hang out and somehow timed it perfectly” I was in their about ten minutes before they arrived and left 5 minutes after the Police Officer did.

Is that YOUR mind I hear boggling?

Interesting too that he did not give me a straight answer … or so he thought. To me and on most occasions an evasive answer is a straight answer.

He did not want to admit how he found out, ofr the Police found out, therefore something I did not want to know and the one single solitary reason would be that they knew about my blog and had been rifling through it.

When all else has been ruled out whatever remains has to be the truth, no matter how unlikely or fantastical it may sound.

Maybe … just, maybe they did not react to the incident in question, had some backlash from the public over it, went through the witness details again and saw my name and something flagged up like Homer Simpson trying to buy an RV van? Where his name is placed into a computer and an alarm starts to ring and a red light starts flashing and Homer says “Is that a GOOD sound?” and the salesman says “No, Mr Simpson, that is NOT a good sound!”

upon realising who I am, what I do and am about to do and the fact that I posted on here about what I saw … with the date of course, they panicked?

Possibly a file that states 'Police Enemy Number 1: Hard to beat, posts everything, knows about corruption in everything and how we treat the general public like a lower form of life, will cane our arses from here to eternity'?!

If this is true, Mr Policeman, you simply have no idea … or at least I do not think you do. That caning is coming real soon!

And now I have to repeat my favourite word of 2015. It is INEVITABLE.

If you check my blog far enough back it would not be the first time that the Police have failed to respond to a violent act taking place. One even claiming to me that they had to drop an old lady home, at midnight?!


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