Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Well would you look at that?

After the mother of all cock ups at failing to sell part of the Royal Bank of Scotland to Santander the government, or my favourite person George Osborne, finally sell of part of it and take a loss of £1 Billion!



So they have had the best part of six years t work on this and lose £1 Billion.

So...how did they pay over so much? I had to ask. Have the banks got so cock-sure about what they can get away with that the financial crunch has not forced them to crawl back to the shadows, 6 years of the global crisis has not forced them to be truly humble and now they are ripping off the taxpayer and the government right in front of their wide eyed faces?!

It would certainly seem so.

Oddly, only yesterday I was explaining to someone I have been ... let us say financing as to why I was financing them and that I wanted to avoid them going to their bank and letting their bank know what was about to take place.

In my explanation I told of a documentary I had seen a few years back, lol a few years back ... utterly ridiculous, about a man that owned a haulage firm, I think it was, that it and the land had been in his family for several generations. He stood on the edge of the land with the ... umm cannot remember who was doing the thing, documentary guy and explained that it was his strong belief that his bank had deliberately led him into dangerous waters so that they could get their hands on the land and his business!

If my partner in crime had gone to a back and explained what was going to happen, they are only young, they could be tricked into something that would have the bank steal all of the money they had acquired. I would then have to go around the country torching every single branch they owned. EVERY SINGLE BRANCH! I will not take this sort of crime lying down and if history has proved nothing else to me it has that the law is not worth a wet rag in the UK any more.

It may yet still do that in a rather big way, before very long too and from the highest order there is within these lands. We will just have to wait and see.

So very few people have been told what is about to occur and in all honesty those that have been entrusted with these facts I wish I had not told anyway. Their reactions have proved to me exactly why I had not told them for years. Hmm 'years' is an understatement.

One billion pounds. They are aware that we are just a tiny island compared to America and Russia, are they not? They are aware that our populace is only a fraction of that of other countries? I am starting to wonder if they know anything about mathematics at all?

It beggars belief, it really and truly does. George Osborne has had all this time to work something out and it is staggering that they are totally unable to find an interested party for a bank. Globally I mean. I mean there must be many foreign banks interested in having a instant chain of banks across the entire UK with all that is needed is a change in the name, signs and staff uniforms? Huh, maybe they knew that our government had been ripped off?

When I moved into my current home the owner had two houses the exact same around 100 yards apart. The rents were £750 per month when I moved in and the other house has been vacated, they are doing some work jazzing it up and will put it back up for rent for £1050! That is a hike on £300 in 7 years.

Funny how the private rent is heading up and the only thing that is and was far too high when I moved in anyway. Oddly enough the rent cost still does not pay the mortgage in full which just goes to show how fucking ridiculous the housing market has got.

Do not worry about it when it is rocketing up! We are all making money and all look good. If it falls down the line we will let people worry about it then and likely someone else? We would have all retired by then or be dead and have gotten way with it.

That is how I think of it. It has always been how I thought of it. I spent many years, about 6, explaining to family and friends that things were getting ridiculous. Oddly enough they did not believe me about all that back then either, well all except for a manager of Churchill Estates who then immediately decided to sell off his spare flat after our 4 hour discussion. Jamie I think his name was?

Despite all the mad sounding and crazy things I predicted coming true over the years I still get this now and annoyingly from some people who have no expertise in anything or any education of any kind! Yes I kid you not. A BSc Single Honours Degree, expert in several fields and working as a troubleshooter for Land Rover and PA to a solicitor and others like to lecture me about these fields within my own personal areas I have worked on for a couple of decades.

Funnily enough in the three years I have posted on my blogs I have wondered whether or not the majority of the UK public are this way?

Whenever I have posted, even with all the evidence, on my corruption blogs I have wondered if people left with disbelief. Of course in such instances this could be down to incompetence, naivety, denial or fear though technically the last two are the same. Arguably.

In the first year I did think that once I had proved and posted some evidence it would rock people's worlds and the word would spread like wildfire. Once the first anniversary went by it became clear it would not do this. I would drop hints about funny videos or dancing babies throughout my posting which was kind of a hint to this fact.

It seemed that funny or embarrassing videos, especially if of a celebrity, was more important to pass on than information that led to either danger that included the word 'mortal' or financial pitfalls did not command such an urge in people. But then I do seem to be in a world were true British people seem to be more suspicious of each other than ever before. So there was another possibility. Many British in conversation for the last decade that one reaosn that foreigners get on is that they all help each other. Probably because they are in a foreign land and drawn to each other. But they do help each other. However, even becoming aware of this the case of one-upmanship and being suspicious of one another and trying to do each other 'over' persisted for 7 years.

In my experience people do not want to hear of anyone's horror stories and nor do they want to hear of anyone's successes. How odd. I am sure a psychologist could have a field day writing a book upon realising this?

No one wants to hear anything sad and miserable and nor do they want to see anyone succeed far, far more than they are doing.

I am going to be a very rare case of someone that has been on both ends of this scale before this year of 2015 is through.

Only in this instance it will be a case of someone who has succeeded by way of doing good things and helping others. Well ... everyone in fact. Well ... most people! Why else would I do this?

But you have to ask yourself exactly why the Britich have become like this? Because things are not fair in the UK towards us and have not been for a very, very long time. Sorry to have to say it but it is true. It also breeds ill feeling that has kept silent and hidden and this has not nor never has been healthy.

There was no way around this and you could not threaten or scare people into not thinking these things. It was obvious from day one to any idiot that all that would occur is that these feeling would get bottled up.

What you also have is the tolerance levels to consider. Those with the least amount of tolerance or perhaps had just lost something precious to them and they would band together.

They are still banding together.

They will continue to band together until something changes and no one and nothing can or will stop this from occurring.

In the long run this is very, very bad news. Hey? But no matter. someone else will be in power or responsible for it when it occurs and hopefully, like the previous lot, they would have all retired or gotten new high paid salaries for doing fuck all somewhere in the world and not be answerable to things going awry any longer.

Or to put this simply, there is nowhere near enough accountability. I would say the word 'forethought' but there really has to be some to warrant its inclusion within the pages of this post.

As much as I would like to the power to do so I cannot change the facts. I can only provide readers with the facts.

It surely must be in the foreseeable future before people make decisions and even vote because of what is going wrong throughout more and more of the country and not because they are OK or things in their street or area are hunky-dory? Because be in denial all you will but if things continue along their current path it really is only a matter of time. Oh sure it might not affect you personally but as others have already fell victim to, what about your children? Or indeed your grandchildren?

This is the message I have tried to convey for the last 3 years plus. Pointing out each area of corruption where I find it. Then explain how this is done to purely save the powers that be money. Then explain in quite simple terms that you are not, merely kicking the can down the road and risking huge legal fights you will lose and then paying huge amounts in damages and legal fees to boot!

Three years I have been laying all this out.

In September, 2015, there will come a moment when I not only explain this to one and all but in a way that reaches most of the people that have not even visited this site!

That has been the grand plan all along.

This is the phone-call I have been waiting on for a couple of months now.

Like everything else I have done ... this is inevitable!

With a little luck ... things might just start to improve from then onwards?


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