Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I have had my phone call.

I have been given a date and that date is the end of things. The finality of it all. This is where the judgement calls come to light and with a date of receiving ... damages.

This date is September 4th ... err or 5th? I was given a number of days actually as opposed to an actual date. So many days to go, so to speak.

This information was bizarrely provided face to face in a meeting. A little odd as this was all that was said about the case that was relevant. After this was provided the next hour was spent with the solicitor speaking at just how large a legal case this turned out to be. They mentioned once again that despite the fact they knew it was big from the outset, which is why they ejected to pay for everything, it grew way bigger than they could ever imagine.

"We had no idea how big this was going to be?"

I asked if they then told them that I knew how big this was going to be?

They said "Yes".

In a matter of days after the phone call I get next the flood gates will open at some point. As I stated previously this is dead certain, I just do not know how big the flood is and what form of liquid it will contain. Or in what way it will go nuts.

There are over a dozen possibilities and of course these could all be immediate or some will definitely be immediate while others take a month or two longer?

There will certainly be a big fast spinning fan and some muck will be flying about in all directions. The fan will certainly get hit. There is simply no way it cannot get hit.

Well ... I have tried to explain this to people but they simply do not get it no matter how simply I explain things.

There will be falls ... they will take place in September and I'm not speaking of falling leaves either.
It often seems very strange to me ... the number of things that have been exposed, the types of things that have been exposed ... that they have all been exposed recently and still are right alongside my own endeavours. Almost like a planned convergence? Outside of this blog I am not responsible for anything that has occurred that's not something I provided evidence to or exposed.

It will merely be coincidence.

The date, by the way, was what the Supreme Court told our solicitor which has not happened previously. So from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Not the solicitors guessing and not the barristers guessing either.

On that date, or just after it, I will be booking my seats to leave town and that's it and that's all.
Oddly the extra time has allowed the weather to cool down and fur me to get some other plans in place and certain things ... done before I leave town.

Once away it will be a matter of days to a month that things will become ... aired. Though I will post stuff likely before it hits the headlines in other places. Well, I think so anyway?! Lol!

Strangely I started to get the dates of the 4th to the 7th September in my head. I did state to the attendee of the meeting that it's highly likely we will get another date ... a final date. Punishments, damages amounts and the ... actual damages arrive a few days later. Could be on that date but I expect it to be 3 to 7 days after the 4th September.

Or, we are told when those that have to post are told. Then the cheques get issued and sent along their merry journey. Must be 3 to 7 days later, cannot see how it is not.

Makes no difference to me ... as long as I have a date and I can book my tickets and get prepared I am happy.

That limbo I've been stuck in does not last very much longer, thank God because I'm getting bored out of my mind and the crap weather is not helping!

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