Thursday, 20 August 2015


Well so I have been showing for years now that what you buy is not new, despite them telling you it is.

I have shown that everything else that cannot be faked, rehashed and refurbished costs more, like energy and the like.

Recently I have shown you what companies and public services do when there is little in the way of governing ... governing, what a joke. I find it hilarious that in recent times we seem to pay more for everything and takes and yet the actual governing has been dwindling away to nothing.

One of these examples has been Virgin Media, one I did not expect to add to the ever growing list that is easier to make lists of those not on them than those that are. Take electrical goods for example...the only company I cannot state sell you refurbished and faulty returned goods as new are Maplin. The only one I do not know about.

Now if you recall along with my atrocies broadband connection most of the three months I have been with them I have had each bill way, WAY over the £27.99 monthly fee?

So factoring in that I paid £40 for 6 phone-calls to one Sky landline (previous Virgin customer) and 5 to a Virgin Media mobile phone then figure out how I have paid over £220 in those three months?

According to my own calculations £27.99 multiplied by 3 is £83.97 and then add the £40 comes to £122.97 approx.

Also I on having my Internet cut I was told I owed nothing, next bill the 3rd August. Then I owed £30.13 (paid at the time on the phone) then told next bill was the 9th and the following day on the phone was told I owed another £15 and next bill due on the 12th August?! I also paid £50 so that the next bill was only £40.

But then I started wondering why my next bill was £70 and immediately my Internet became intermittent, behaving worse than my Three Mobile Broadband I used previously!

So I decided I had had enough.

I had already written to Ofcom about them and got nothing, so I sent a letter off to Virgin Media requesting, for the second time, to close my account and report all their errors, incompetence and what is quite obviously a failing computer system.

Oddly I have now heard of another failed computer system that the company of which knew had a fault and yet either sent it's own staff to prison or conned them out of tens of thousands of pounds!

The Post Office!

Yeah I could not believe these reports and it is absolutely scandalous. Bizarrely this was on a Panorama programme and yet I have not heard anything about this in the news!!

WHAT?! With half the crap they report on they never give this a mention?! Unbelievable!

Well I am afraid it gets better and the Post Office fiasco I am highly likely to come back to before very long ...

I recieved two letters today which was bizarre because one was the answer of my complaint to Ofcom and the other one ... umm ... well ... another Virgin Media bill ... except this one has a higher figure that the £93 of the last one?

Now how many of you immediately smiled and thought 'It's £103. Because of the late fee charge.'?


Try a fraction under £140!!

Oh and Ofcom ... well they do not do com any more, apparently. Giving me some borlacks about CICAS. So I will email them all the letters immediately after posting this.

The bill and the Ofcom letter ...

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