Saturday, 15 August 2015


Now ... this is one of those rare crossovers that I do every now and then that span more than one subject matter.

I have not hidden the fact that I have hated the idea that these days and is also ongoing that everyone wants a monthly fee.

The problem being is that suddenly anyone with a less that humongous wage will suddenly find themselves not being able to have everything they have had before.

Added to this is my frequent ramblings about how the goods you buy are not up to scratch, mostly being second hand and refurbished. Of course there are always the things that, once bought, do not do all the things you had hoped that they would.

Now here is something to widen your gaze ...

Forever and a day there have been anti-virus programs, and many other things too, for your personal computer and then your tablets and smartphones. These used to be handy, unobtrusive and take up little of your system. Marvellous.

Over time these have grown into bloated software, riddled with adverts and obtrusive pop-ups, like right now in Avast and fees that, if I remember correctly went from annual to monthly fees.

Then came the realisation that these programs only recognise viruses from a library, or database, of known viruses. In which case there was little in the programming other than simple file name recognition so how and why had they become so bloated and complex?

Well it now gets even better as there seem to be some slightly different stories going around about not just one anti-virus program but all of them.

Kaspsersky Labs seems to be at the centre of this and I have so far read that they had complained several times about other anti-virus programs copying them. Then getting fed up with not being heard that deliberately installed harmless files on systems and then reported them as being malicious only to have all of their rivals flag these files up as malicious.

Another report states that Kaspersky Labs have been installing malicious software on PCs for the last decade?! HUH?!

This was divulged by former employees of Kaspersky Labs which has been denied by the company.

It gets worse and more confusing still when the files, reported as being benign by some reports, are reported as nothing of the kind on Yahoo. They claim in the report some files were mimicking others and that important files were being removed leading to some bizarre behaviour. A Microsoft researcher states in an interview with Reuters that consumers were reporting that Microsoft's own anti-virus programming was quarantining important printer files and then discovered thousands of important files were being quarantined.

This leaves me now not knowing whether my first thought of this being a clever one by Kaspersky Labs was correct. Flagging up a few is one thing but thousands?!

This goes to show that on the one hand you have a bunch of people cheating for money, cheating to harm Kaspersky Labs and then Kaspersky Labs themselves doing some very underhanded things!

How the hell did this go on for over a decade without anyone spotting it?!

Why have things allowed to become so effing bad in so many different industries, why have none of them learned from their skullduggery, you always get found out and where the FECK are all these watchdogs that get paid millions of taxpayers money?!

The Internet is awash with specific programs to remove specific viruses and malicious software too!

It seems the world is awash with lame idiots that want money for sitting on their arses and doing feck all?! They write some useless program, come up with a really lame and obviously fake bit of advertising on a really badly designed webpage that looks obvious to any idiot that you should stay away.

maybe some naive fools fall for it but I look at some of these sites and think 'are you effing serious? I would not fall for this crap for a single moment.'

The mind continues to boggle at each and every revelation that comes out.

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