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Despite the title I'm not note going to day the things you might think.

During my years blogging and my many years researching I have made it no secret that I am averse to money wasting. Let that be perfectly clear to you if it's not already.

Now I am just going to firstly point out that those that bang on about wasting tax payers money usually point towards two things, the welfare state and space exploration.

Now I'm going to first shock some people and then possibly piss off a percentage of those people. But then they belong to a barmy group I don't like anyway.

What is it I will state? Well that the two industries I don't have a problem with or very small problems with to do with the running of them, are the welfare state and space exploration! Shocked much?

Those that complain about the money spent on these things are either idiots (large wager they are religious) or amoral and idiots.

Common quoted fact in recent years I'd that there are too many people and not enough space/land/food. So what do you do? You only have two options ... reduce the populace, meaning death, war or executions, or find more land. Oh but that's been totally fucked! By religious morons mostly. When I was a kid at school I sat hypnotised as teachers in science explained we would set foot on Mars around 2004. That came and went and will over 12 years had passed and after a long pause of nothing some experiments have been done regarding people spending long periods in space. A little more than talking about it basically with nothing on the horizon.

Bizarrely I think the costs to space exploration have two ways of being reduced. I for one and would not be alone by any stretch of the imagination to state that the military of a number of countries not only possess the technology to do things better and faster but keep it given away.

Quite how governments allow such narrow minded war mongering chiefs to do this God only knows? Oddly I am sure that 'God' would figure in these claims in one particularly large country? Lol!

I would agree however that the costs to some things done, by NASA only, have been a bit silly in their costs.

If the secret tech, religious idiots and naïve people not stood in the easy of human progress and advancement I might be living on Mars right now? But I don't! Mores the pity.

What I have done for years though is highlight every single other areas that there is and the waste of money going on for thousands upon thousands for sitting on their arses!

As for the welfare state, well that's all to do with our claims of being both human, out humane, and a civilised society. You cannot claim one without having the other. It don't matter which government or which country your from. It's a simple fact that cannot be argued with, the end!

Want to talk about how it's run out how it's abused and I will not only talk but give some good ideas. Granted many will scream not PC while I will state it's that way or you carry on both drowning and sinking, with very little time left to do this last two, too.

When I see people state in comments about wasting money on money exploration, will I literally see red! The first words that flit through my mind are 'naïve', 'fantatically religious' or banks that think that they are entitled to more free money! Ooh there is another wastage I cover a great deal on here!
You cannot create more land for people on Earth, unless you have some innovative scheme to build underwater cities which would be a lot more expensive than going to Mars! The only land is off planet....hmm or run a lot of heater cable under the ground in Antarctica?! Lol! Russians could do that with Siberia?! Lol. Well you see my point?

Only the idea of living in space is now far to far away to help in all honesty and idiots are still allowed to voice opinions they should have no right to.

That might sound strong and thoughts of anti democracy might come to mind but I'm sorry, I don't and never have liked the idea of someone having power of opinion and even voting that affects my life but made on the basis they believe in some non existent deity.

A deity that on the one hand is so loving and powerful that he allows some awful and horrific things in both nature and suffering of people and children to go on.

More on that next month!

A deity in another faction that is so powerful, the most powerful and pissed off to the maximum amount that he sits around and waits for years and years watching his personal dog soldiers fail to kill all of those that seriously piss of this deity to the maximum?!

More on that next month asking with the former group and several others in a way that no one will EVER FORGET.

Therefore based on these obvious facts starting everyone in the face these should not have any opinion when it comes to anything to do with science. None!

But, hey? Don't take my word for it. Well, not yet anyway but after next month ... well something tells me that you just might and everyone else that ever visits here. In fact these 'visitors' are likely to suddenly increase exponentially.

As far as space exploration is concerned my arguments do not even factor in the most obvious piece of evidence at all. In fact this goes hand in hand with the story of the man who died in the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre of 9/11 who had predicted and warned of an attack from the air using aircraft for years.

Yes, as bloody strange as it sounds someone spent several years of warning them that run the buildings and they ignored him and he died. Probably the same ones that hung up on people phoning from inside the buildings and told then to remain where they are? Who then subsequently died? Yes, those halfwits.

I see red because of people that want to make urgent decisions and then insist upon both those decisions and their own interject when they have none or experience nor understanding of events unfolding. They do bit even have relevant alternatives either! That's the worst part for me. I know if I then asked them 'Well what do you suggest then?' or 'Well of we do that and then (this) happens, what do I/we do then?' you would be met with a blank stare.

Don't be insistent on things you have no knowledge of nor experience of or you will just look like a twat or worse have to live with the costs of human lives for the rest of your life.

When I listened to those attitudes of people receiving phonecalls from terrified workers in the twin towers I could not help but think how similar things are here in the UK now. It never used to be. But with so many British firms owned by Americans and of course many American companies I cannot help but think we have adopted some very bad attitudes? I am certain of it in many cases.

Now this post came about due to a NASA mission I've waited to launch for years I was sure was due to go up a couple of years back.

Not only was this mentioned in the report below, I bloody knew it, but also something else about the Americans, yet again and I've mentioned before, that was worrying.

They really, really don't get it and just keep further alienating the rest of the world from them, pissing of the test of the world and making everyone suspicious about dealing with them ...

Then they go and moan about other countries, ask them to change things in their own country to stop the US losing money then wonder why they get told to piss off and never stop to realise that if the tables were turned they would not do the same thing.

Reciprocation is not a word midst of the top in the US are familiar with and I wait for the day that someone honest appears among their politicians. Like an American Nigel Farage or Jeremy Corbyn?
So the James Webb Telescope which is the successor to Hubble was supposed to launch a couple years back but not launching for another couple of years?! So four years late then. Billions over budget too, four out five times it's original cost. Stupid, well too late now but they sinking have to stop that happening.

Still ... it's a telescope that can look way farther than Hubble but more importantly and must importantly to me I'd the fact it will be detecting many more Earth like planets more rapidly than they currently are.


I think there is a telescope on Earth being created to improve and increase spotting them ... only improving the spotting from Earth, that is. You simply cannot get close to being in space to do many things.

So I have to wait until 2018?! Let's hope that I live long enough, to 2020 at least, to witness all of the unfolding?!

My only other wish is that Patrick Moore was still here to witness the James Webb Telescope and would love to have heard his views on discoveries.

I rather think he would have dropped his monacle?! Lol!

Lost in space? Nasa under pressure -

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